My mind’s Table of Elements
Contains merely four that matter
In my primitive, unscientific way
Folding them like dry laundry
One for each drawer

We swim in Water
Fly in Air
But Earth smothers
While Fire flays us to the bone
Do I prefer Air and Water
Because, interestingly,
Earth and Fire are the
Final bed for the dead
Unless one dies in mid-ocean
Or is lost in space
Then the body’s chucked out the hatch
To float unmatched
In silent darkness

Space is the cleanest
Space doesn’t eat you like
Sea creatures
Blazes or
Worms of the soil
Death is messy
That is why I
Call it “Transition”
Just a biological stage
To something better

Death comes to all
Jim Morrison said it best
“No one gets out of here alive”
If I have strength
And know my time of rest
Will rent storage space
And decorate with streamers
Also a sign saying
“A beautiful death”
My small elephant table
Holding bottles of juice
And music to encourage
Stiff family members
To let loose
My piddling possessions:
Dollar store container of Grimoires
One with self published books
Tarot cards and amulets
Junky wampum stored with much affection
Tiny boxes and spoon collections
With a prized key earned in mid life education
Despite being a writer
Will only have one sealed note for each

Yes, death is transition
Because surely our heart and brain
Our passion and spirit
Cannot fade
Leaving it all as the
Nihilists claim, a life with
No intrinsic meaning
No, that is
Not my philosophical leaning…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: #13 Death/Transition


  1. Enjoyed this expansive piece, Clarissa: mixed emotions with its detail, with its assessment of life and death with your marvellous symbolism and optimism: the scale extending from the vacuum of space (which I have never thought of as comforting up until now) to a tourist’s spoon.

    You bring life’s contradictions into sharp relief, and as always you lead me to wonder. We cannot see every chain of cause and effect over the years, we can’t know what cascading effects a song, a poem, a picture, a few words, a smile, and all the rest might have had for the good. I don’t want to disappoint you, but I don’t think you will find storage space for that.

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    1. Thank you, Steve, for your thoughtful and complimentary comments! Looking for the balance, the gray, has been a life’s lesson for me and I still can’t quite get it although I know what you mean about cause and effect and those few incidents that can make a change. One day, though, I still expect to discover the magic storage space that will make everything ok 😀

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