The world
Is so wrongly tilted
And like a carnival prize wheel
Bestowing cellophaned
Dolls and bears
We must always beware
Of gifts in the night
Because when once again light
We may be left holding ashes

Tilt and slide
A carnival ride
Game of chance

Watch the carnival Ferris wheel
See how it mimics life
Infantile upward movement
Teetering to teens, then adults
Suddenly we are on top of our ride
Young and strong with no need to hide
From whatever materializes
Seems like we sit there into forever
But no, it will begin to go
And we head on down
Down to the ground

Wheels of time within
Wheels of fortune

Circles symbolize unity
No beginning
No end
Serpent swallowing its tail
No beginning
No end
Says Einstein:
Time is an illusion
Says I:
Time line is an oxymoron
But we western humans
Demanding structure
Think linear
Lines marching from the
Beginning of time
Why we see
The Wheel as a danger
When it chooses
“No Prize!”
But there is always another spin
And the emptiness doesn’t last
Once again we can win
Know that there are ups and downs
Round and round

Tilt and slide
A carnival ride
Game of chance
In life…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Tarot and daisies and music and elephants


  1. Fascinating and uplifting, Clarissa, and wearing my physics hat, I agree. It’s strange but you’ve expressed a number of things that I’ve come to from another point of view. And being a nerd, I can’t help but mention. Yes, Einstein said time is a persistent delusion, but I think time comes from all of the statistical behaviours of many small effects, motion of air molecules, of water, flows of heat, to the twinkling of the stars, and this kind of statistics determines almost everything in the real world. You may know that Einstein also said God does not play dice with the universe, but I think he also got that wrong. He was talking about quantum mechanics (where his comment is irrelevant), but the real world is about statistics, chance and probability, as you said. Sorry about the blah blah blah. 😴


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