To live with no regrets
True translation:
To live and take
For those incidents
We do regret
There is no time machine
No way to return
To the scene of the shame
So easy to forgive others
Hard to forgive ourselves
Especially if we were children
And victims of family
Out of control
Eventually attracting
Friends, spouses
Ripping apart our soul

Maybe three in the morning
Is heart attack time
But for me
Three in the afternoon
Is when I sing the Blues
Blood sugar down?
Morning high
(Brought on partially by coffee)
Has fatally crashed
Blues between noon and dusk
My heart’s an empty husk

Not much natural blue
In Nature
Rare birds
Rare flowers
Blue reserved
For sky and sea
Morphing to Indigo
A representation
Of Third Eye Wisdom
Along the chakra rainbow
Fourth House of the zodiac
Capricorn in the Fourth
No easy way to say this
Not an easy natal moment

I so hope I can struggle to my end of days
In self-made love and peace in a glorious blaze…
(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Picasso’s Blue Period, Old Guitarist


    1. (Sorry, Drew, wrote an answer last week but my phone app didn’t work, I guess). Thanks so much for your comment. The ending of this piece is definitely my struggling hope!


  1. I like the blues progressions, Clarissa, very real, and the upward sweep at the end. We have a choice, we are told, about how we are in the here and now, but it isn’t easy. I find forgiving myself keeps coming up over and over, and if I bury it, it morphs into sadness or misplaced anger. I know who I don’t want to be, but it isn’t easy. Reading and writing = sharing definitely helps.

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    1. (Sorry, Steve, wrote an answer the other day using phone app and it didn’t take). I do wonder, as you say, why it is easier to know who we DON’T want to be, but almost impossible to get it right when we think we know who we DO want to be. LIfe is a landmine but reading and writing do provide a visual map and that helps. We are so lucky to be alive at this time and able to share our words and pictures globally with like-minded people….

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