Lovely Victorian Dolls
Perfect faces
In delicate laces
Made from the finest

And Baby Dolls
Who drink and wet
Crying “Mama” and met
With kind, childish hands
Singing lullabies learned
From their own mama
Not too many years ago

Beautiful folk dolls
Hopi Kachinas
Apple Heads
And my favorite
Nestled into each other
Never lonely, them
Like rocks enfolding a gem

So many dolls
Action Figures aimed at boys
Barbie and Ken fashion toys
And soft Rag Dolls to sleep
In night so dark and deep

How we anthropomorphize
Children seriously engaged
Serving them tea
Teaching them to see
The world as they know
In so little time

We can feel a Doll’s pain
So what about the others
The Haunted Dolls
Broken and oh-so-scary
The Voodoo Dolls
Innocently pierced with
The anger of the jealous
Faceless Cornhusk Dolls
To bring rain for an
Abundance of harvest
How do we speak to them?
No Face
No Soul
No Rest

Oh, so sad
Those lonely Dolls
I worried about them
When a child
A source of sleep disorders
I worry about them
I worry about
The Dolls with no voice
The Dolls with no choice
I worry

Today I made two spirit Dolls
Stuffed with good amulets
From my button box
How I hope that
Together they will
Break the locks
Imprisoning sad and lonely Dolls…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
Image: Spirit Dolls 2 (see link below)



  1. So much symbolism around dolls, a favourite for dark fiction. As you’ve alluded to in this enjoyable piece, it goes back a long way. I had plastic action figures, soldiers from boxes of cornflakes, so young I didn’t really know what they were about.

    And today the internet portrays women as unreal, not really human, made up porcelain dolls, and so many are complicit. Perhaps they’re the ones you are worrying about…

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    1. Oh, yes, thank you , Steve! I think you are correct. TV has not changed much in the portrayal of females and now there is the double jeopardy of internet. I worry about all the teenage runaways and suicides and bullying, mainly based on image. I suppose in a society where selfies have been elevated to the highest art form, there may not be much hope…

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