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Jim joined the trash heap
Not my idea
But Roomie owns the home
No more shades on
Windows or doors
I was always his L.A. Woman
Jim’s, not Roomie’s
In my mind, anyway
And through the years
As my hair burned
And no one ever saw
A woman so alone
As me
Or even cared
I had his music
And words
As comfort
So here is my tribute
In free poetry
Nowhere near
As exceptional as Jim’s
I hum and strum
My song in Minor keys
Nothing like the extraordinary
Voice that only Jim could do
My final goodbye to you
Jim Morrison
On the good side
We know
That MR. MOJO will be RISING…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Jim Morrison shade tossed away

*L.A. Woman YouTube Video https://youtu.be/WwnLt6b7YHk


  1. An excellent tribute to Morrison! One time I visited his grave in Paris. The statue of his head had been stolen by then and I remember thinking, what idiot would be so insensitive as to steal that? But I loved visiting his grave šŸ™‚

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    1. Would love to see his grave! Seems like he attracted a lot of people who hated him,especially here in Florida where he was arrested, so somehow it doesn’t surprise me that his statue was beheaded…sad!

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      1. Yes… I think he was a shaman. The world was not ready for him and so, he attracted a lot of resistance, and had trouble with substance abuse. He was ahead of his time. Seeing his grave was so cool! Folks were having picnics there. I remember someone had cut off a very long braid of hair and left it on his grave, like a sacrifice to him! And it is a beautiful cemetery.

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