In celebration of World Elephant Day. This is no longer a song-in-progress, nor do I play the mandolin anymore, but elephants should be forever…


many years ago
known on a planet
of the sky-ing-est blue
most glorious green
and the tastiest brown
lived magnificent animals
with intellects equal to their size
wisdom reflected in their eyes
many cultures used them, true
transportation or war machines
many worshiped them
many invited images into the home
as good luck tokens
herds of elephants
caring for their young
forming families as they foraged
long memories for friend and foe
can sing of greed
but you know
only one way to go
do you remember the dodo?

(c) 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Elephant, Elephant Ears & Mandolin


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  1. Some creatures we work, some we eat. We destroy their habitats and now we’re doing it to ourselves. You would think there might be something to learn. The Mickey Mouse Club was such a strange thing on a black-and-white television for a small Australian boy. Yes to dreaming, I don’t want to stop. Enjoyed these pieces, Clarissa.


    1. Thank you Steve and you are so right about us destroying our own habitat. So glad you enjoyed my recent blogetry. As you know, even though writing can unlock many emotions, it is nice when humor can find its way out of the tangle of words.

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