Bananas ripening
Hanging from the canopy
Attached to Max’s old blue collar
All recycled
Not pretty
But, oh, what’s the buzz word?
So the ugliest part of the yard
With smelly compost heaps
Algae-infested kitchen appliances
Reverse osmosis unit purifying the water
Hurricane beating its chest
A few hundred miles away
Swamp mist and lightning
Thunder and hot rain
But sweet pineapples,
Bananas and tart ginger
Abundantly growing
Thanks to the farmer worms
And I know it’s why
I cannot face moving
To a safer, saner spot
On a crowded map
I guess I’ll just have to vent
My fright
As Nature nurtures the back yard
While I play the bard
Singing the Blues about danger…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Bananas Ripening


  1. Vivid imagery from the other side of the world, Clarissa, a glorious tropical feel to it, despite the danger. Here in Sydney, it’s the same cause and another effect: early spring and we are already drying out and burning.

    What I find amusing, perhaps in a black way, is all the wonderful architecture which is supposed to help us with beautiful plants outside and inside buildings, while the truth is that only the fastest growing weeds and trees and algae really remove CO2 from the atmosphere and supply worthwhile oxygen. Carbon captured goes into mulch: the cycle of nature we once had. So in those lovely-to-look-at buildings, we would need the weeds and bushes, and cleaners with shovels carting away truckloads of wormy mulch to do any good.

    Off the track, as usual. Did I mention that your work is always thought-provoking? 😸

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    1. Thanks, Steve! You are so right! Here in the U.S. people wage war with dandelions, the mist important herb for the immune system. The lawns are manicured, looking no better than the cement in cities. Can only repeat Pete Seeger’s line: “When will they ever learn?” Looking forward to your always-imaginative and thought provoking posts also ( and happy Spring equinox next week) 😄

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