Time often interferes with the truth
Certain words cannot be spoken
Until the time is right
Safer to lock truth away
In a climate-controlled
Storage space
Until time catches up
To the truth
Or becomes a lie
Be a warrior
Do not frighten the living
Keep the secret
Denial is a good coping mechanism
But be sure to plan for the survivors
This is why music crowns words
Words are animated by music
Words are like zombies
Hated by some
Sneered at by others
Untidy corpses slouching mindlessly
Through streets of
Misunderstanding muck
Add music, though
And the flesh-dropping bodies
Become angels of light
Whole, holy, and so right
We now understand the words
And all is all right
Whether they be
Truth or lies…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Zombie Attack Guitar Wrap Skin by


  1. A thoughtful piece, Clarissa. I like the idea of words in time, and what is “true” and what isn’t changing over time. We see it happening, and yes, words must be hidden away and perhaps dusted off later. Then, as you say, lyrics somehow survive: perhaps we accept the age they are from? In my experience, written works often do not. On a few occasions I have gone back to read sci-fi from the 60s and 70s and found it terribly dated, if not just terrible, even though I thought the world of it long ago.

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  2. Thanks, Steve! Yes, Sci Fi must e re most difficult genre to write. Worse, the films are pure comedy within a decade (all those post World War Two nuclear explosion ones like Them, the giant ants). Somehow, though, I find Fahrenheit 451 to be timeless because book banning never seems to go out of style…


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