It is fitting, to me, that my first poem of the new decade is a protesting, non-
popular-themed one. All respect to our heroic doctors, scientists, patients. Just a
nudge that we rebels be allowed our opinions and so-needed support ❤


Remember all that SciFi
The Fly
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Forced to use themselves
As experimental subjects
Because to mainstream doctors
And scientists
They were lunatics
(oh, yeah, it’s always full moon inside my head)
And everyone laughs at them
But everyone laughed at body snatchers
Those gruesome corpse robbers
Who sold them to anatomists
The basis of all our health care
Marie Curie died for her beliefs
Of course she knew about
Radiation poisoning
But who would hypothesize
Who would document
If not her?
And so I join the ranks
Of the so-called misguided
Trying to heal myself
With herbs banned by the FDA gods
And true
Maybe I’ll be punished like
Some days it DOES feel
Like an eagle is eating my liver
As I’m chained to the cliff
Of ignorance and money-grubbing
Big Pharm
But I’ll never regret
Trying to bring fire
To my fellow-humans
And somehow
If I don’t hit
On the cure for despicable diseases
Someone like me will
Hope it’s soon…

(c) 2020 (First poem of the decade) Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Rainforest 2 sm px



  1. This is a powerful piece, Clarissa, and I have no doubt that a lot of research today is overregulated. In the time I spent with Buddhists who relied only on natural remedies from their garden, I drank many unusual teas that did me no harm, but I did suffer an allergic reaction (stomach cramps for hours and unable to stand) from a sauce made with ground pumpkin seeds. I suffer from many allergies in any case, and after that I was more circumspect. I wish you all the best, take care.

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    1. I understand, Steve, because there are herbs that just aren’t right for everyone. We tend to get into the herbs/good and allopathic/bad and I no longer think that way. Where would we be without antibiotics? So hard to hit the balance but necessary! I have been haunted by the Prometheus legend since I first heard the myth when I was young and I tend to write about the injustice done to him. I still believe in sharing fire, knowledge, to whomever needs it!

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