Month: February 2020


(Dedicated to JPH, BMR & MAR)

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Lived in a shack
On the railroad track
With a windmill on
An old shed roof
And we had two tiny chickens
And we ate tiny eggs
And we had my two sons
And like the CSN* song
Two cats in the yard
With loads of herbs
But the best part
Was taking karate
In our 40s
With my teenagers
Tae Kwon Do
Oom Yung Do
Three different stages
Made it one stripe away
From a brown belt
But the best
Was living and practicing in
The Cardboard Dojo
JP hauled in his red Ford Ranger
About a hundred empty cartons
That once held desks
For the school where he worked
As the gardener and groundsman
He nailed them into the moldy walls
Of the falling down living room
And we practiced
Counting to ten in Japanese
Fist fighting the air
Side-kicking with flair
Then doing our katas
As seriously as a ballerina
Preparing for Swan Lake
Most days now
JP spends in a power chair
And me?
I just smile
Because after a while
I can hear the voices of my sons
The meow of the cats
The clucking of the chicks
And yes, the sigh of the herbs
Reaching up to the Florida sun
In a garden that was once graced
By a double rainbow interlaced
In a garden on 20th Street
In Zephyrhills, Florida
So many years ago…

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: JP & CS with chicks by the RR track shack

*CSN = Crosby, Stills & Nash YouTube Video “Our House”

CS Z-hills 1993


Morphed into platinum
Oh, it’s not just the
Hair color
My skin isn’t a shimmery
Invaluable gift from the Earth
But Sun sign fire
And Moon sign water
Here I am
Hot and cold
Not due to hormones
Just an alchemical metal
Ruled by Sun and Moon
In veritas platinus
(Rusty Latin)
Gold and Silver
Sun and Moon
I don’t mean
Like the metal
I’m rare and precious
We all are, all humanity
Full circle though
Round in a square
No sharp edges to protect
Against thoughtlessness
Back to being a rock
In my room
So thank you for past praise
Kind comments that
Made my days
But I seem to monologue
Can’t stop the ASD
Bog, clog, making you slog
Through my well-meant comments
No comments to me
Only fair
Since no comments to you
For your protection
Against boredom
Happiness to us all…

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


What do the ancestors say
Is there comfort from
Beyond the veil
Thinking about generational curses
Wondering if they’re true
Were they poor generational choices
So easy to misconstrue
Powerful DNA
Passed down through the years
Eyes and hair and sickness too
So why not memories
That we confuse
With reincarnation
So why not a compass
Leading us down the wrong path
Because we have always done it
That way
My generational curse
A Tantalus one
Victory always just out of reach
Me on one side of the breach
And I don’t ask for much
But as such
I just can’t seem to attain
Still, my personal generational curse
Is not like the one, say, of the Kennedys
But then there are today curses
Eyes of evil looking at me
Who knows why
If you only knew
What life has done to me
But I smile so you don’t know
And so I ask the ancestors
To help me go on
No sense asking why
But I need the remedy
The outcome
Safety for me
Safety for my family
Is there any protection
Against mindless enmity…?

(c) Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Hoodoo Tarot 2


(revised my folk hotel poem from T-giving)

Happy Valentine’s Day
This is important for me to say
Social Media is our folk hotel
Visiting daily, we share and retell

Showing pictures of our dog and cat
And our granddaughter the acrobat
Yummy recipes make me hungry
Love the chance to sign petitions about the bumblebee

Wonderful to hear about your son
Life is tough but they still have fun
What amazing writing and crafts so handy
Thanks for accepting our modus operandi

We huddle together when tragedy does come
It visits us all and we succumb
But having loving thoughts sent our way
Soothes us like a spiritual bouquet

So keep on posting and let me know
How life is, just say hello
Know I think of you although I don’t say
You’re always in my mind on any day

Love & Fun & Happiness to you and your Crew…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

ELEMENTAL COMPASS (song-in-progress)

(Well-water pump broke last Saturday so wrote the water part and have continued.  Guitar chords to be added)

Garden rebelled/ Odd bugs expelled/ Movement from the Earth
Kicking the dirt/ A wild revert/ Out-of-control screams the Earth
Snake-filled habitat/ I issue a caveat/ But no one can stop the Earth
Only weeds grow/ Country version of Skid Row/ but no escape from Earth

Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Elements aid but sometimes conspire

Well pump broke/ Up in smoke/ How can I live without Water
Plenty of tears/fighting my fears/but that’s not really Water
Follow the ley lines/watch out for land mines/block oceans of Water
Finally time to be free/ Not much can stop me/ Far from evaporated Water

Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Elements aid but sometimes conspire

Tornados screech at dawn/ Trailer hugs the lawn/ Fear blooms from the Air
Wind wild and free/ How I want that for me/ Can I flee the Air
Breeze builds to violence/ All super-intense/ But trees shield from the Air
Bird feathers ruffle/Gusting will muffle/ Songs silent in the Air

Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Elements aid but sometimes conspire

Stuff must be burned/ One thing I learned/ Destroy using Fire
Travel with speed/ Avoid hearts that bleed/ Passion cooled by Fire
If I can’t forget/ When we first met/ Cauterize it all with Fire
Start a new life/Cut memories with a knife/ Burning desire with Fire

Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Elements aid but sometimes conspire

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Broken water pump last Saturday


*scroll down for a YouTube video

Geological structure
Not a geode
Just similar
Crystal vibrations
A synonym for prayer
Maybe when I post
Sending you healthy vibrations
You won’t scorn me
Like some aging hippie
Wandering around in a buzz
Vibrations are part of Nature
Hold a crystal or a common stone
Strum guitar strings and hear the tone
Lean against a tree
Or even put on a pair of compression gloves
Vibrations from all
If you’ll listen and not think
Prayer isn’t everywhere
It is
Here is my Thunder Egg
Look at the natural shape
It’s my Janis Joplin dog
Who walked the Rainbow Bridge
It’s my RockStar who shares my bed
Dogs, vibrations, dancing through my head
So I send you all

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGES: My Chihuahua Thunder Egg / Upside-down JJ / RockStar

*Crystal Blue Persuasion, Tommy James & the Shondells

Upside down JJ (JanisJoplin)

rockstar on chair