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Geological structure
Not a geode
Just similar
Crystal vibrations
A synonym for prayer
Maybe when I post
Sending you healthy vibrations
You won’t scorn me
Like some aging hippie
Wandering around in a buzz
Vibrations are part of Nature
Hold a crystal or a common stone
Strum guitar strings and hear the tone
Lean against a tree
Or even put on a pair of compression gloves
Vibrations from all
If you’ll listen and not think
Prayer isn’t everywhere
It is
Here is my Thunder Egg
Look at the natural shape
It’s my Janis Joplin dog
Who walked the Rainbow Bridge
It’s my RockStar who shares my bed
Dogs, vibrations, dancing through my head
So I send you all

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGES: My Chihuahua Thunder Egg / Upside-down JJ / RockStar

*Crystal Blue Persuasion, Tommy James & the Shondells

Upside down JJ (JanisJoplin)

rockstar on chair


  1. A great flashback, Clarissa– the era that has never left me, yes to listening and not thinking, and I’m picking up your good vibrations. I wasn’t aware of that archetypical TJ & Shondells song, only the more famous one. A time of comparative innocence for me, and perhaps it’s sad that I see it that way, but it’s therapeutic to go back when we can.

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