Morphed into platinum
Oh, it’s not just the
Hair color
My skin isn’t a shimmery
Invaluable gift from the Earth
But Sun sign fire
And Moon sign water
Here I am
Hot and cold
Not due to hormones
Just an alchemical metal
Ruled by Sun and Moon
In veritas platinus
(Rusty Latin)
Gold and Silver
Sun and Moon
I don’t mean
Like the metal
I’m rare and precious
We all are, all humanity
Full circle though
Round in a square
No sharp edges to protect
Against thoughtlessness
Back to being a rock
In my room
So thank you for past praise
Kind comments that
Made my days
But I seem to monologue
Can’t stop the ASD
Bog, clog, making you slog
Through my well-meant comments
No comments to me
Only fair
Since no comments to you
For your protection
Against boredom
Happiness to us all…

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: NO COMMENT nocommenthiphop.com