mao statue torn down

This is not Hollywood or even the BBC…
Not Bollywood or Broadway or TV.
This is us fighting what we think is the enemy
Step off the precipice of emotion.
Move back carefully
And think through each step.

Family, friends, quite angry
Stereotyping race, religion
And government beliefs
But is all as it seems
Do you think someone’s political party
Determines their life
Can’t you imagine
A woman alone in a trailer
On the edge of forested infinity
One voting straight Democrat
Yet owning not one but two handguns
To protect her teen sons
Learning karate to give them a chance
To flee if need be
How many liberals do you think own guns
More than you know, my friends
But is it wrong to want
Saner controls on weapon armageddon?

Can’t you imagine
A white Conservative
Granddad to children
With African or Hispanic blood
Wanting to protect and defend
The rights of those children’s families
To work and live a better life
So all is not black and white
All the shades of humanity
Are now part of the modern psyche
How do you think they vote
In the privacy of the booth
So is it wrong to want
Freedom of emigration
For those seeking salvation?

Save your own slanted view
No matter which side
Or who
You are

Just remember how we sneered
At the countries toppling their statues
Of heroes now fallen in the dust
But we must
The historic truth
Must not be altered
We’re not in a Noir film
Not shooting slouching zombies

We build
We build on history
Change it through thought
Channel those emotions
Releasing them only
For sports events
For love and sex
For the beat of amazing music
But don’t topple history
Learn from it
Teach it
Step off the precipice
Of emotion
Into a balanced world where
We can think through
Make life better for me and you
As evolutionists proclaim
We have the big brains
To so do…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens, ViataMaja
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