Month: August 2020

8-7-20 PHILOSOPHICAL COMPETITION (song-in-progress)

Who is the most authentic
Living in nature
Empty clam shells
Greens and stewing roots
Poking through the sand
Good enough to supply
Physical sustenance

Who is the most free
No one to see you or me
As we move thru life
Without revealing
A secret identity
The world never imagines
We’re hiding behind distractions

Middle of the night tossing
Measuring need by thermal burnings
But you provided
No Rosetta Stone
Nothing to accompany
Years of clay etchings
Masquerading as feelings
That may or may not exist

Who is the most responsible
Living lives alone and lonely
Life not providential
But surely existential
As we do what may be right
Loveless in the hemispheres
Lifting legs like logs
Through the muck and mire
Lost in the geography of the
Split brain…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Existentially Alone


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Recurrent poetry theme
But each time I’m blown away
By my brain’s ability to convey
Its connection with the senses
This time I heard Dylan’s acoustic guitar
Playing Shelter from the Storm
Found myself
Back in the body of a sixteen-year-old
Feeling the hope of youth
The certainty that life will be perfect
Sixteen but free from the serfdom
Of Childhood
Sixteen battering down the cocoon walls
Of Childhood
But now that I’m an adult
I’ve time traveled
Leaping through the senses
This time of hearing
Or maybe it’s feeling
Strings, yet
The antithesis of puppetry
Shelter from the Storm
My time machine
Disguised, this time
As my ears
Previously, it was the smell of dill
And I’ve been transported
Quite often
Via the vision
Of a place or person
Taking me back
But as the music fades
So do I
And once again it is me
Older me
Trying to catch the beat of the song
Seeking my own Shelter from the Storm
The Storm that has changed
Over the years
Because although I was aware
Once upon a time
Of how precious beauty is
Beauty seen and heard
Smelled and touched
A long time ago
I thought I would know
When old and weak
That I could still sing and speak
But never suspected
Just how ephemeral
Life is…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Deserted Tardis in the UK, Lee Sullivan, FB


shelter from the storm dylan

7-28-20 THE PARAPHRASE (Connie Francis 1959 song “Lipstick on your collar”)

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“Lipstick on your face mask
Told a tale on you
Lipstick on your face mask
Said you were untrue
Bet your bottom dollar
You and I are through
‘Cause lipstick on your face mask
Told a tale on you, yeah”


© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Lipstick on his face mask

Connie Francis 1959 lipstick on your collar

I’m so silly today! Actually put on my best dress and drove around early in the morning to see the Gulf Channel off of Grand Boulevard. 15 minutes of freedom…Be safe and healthy ❤


You may know it as Lammas
Lunarela is the name per Gran
Harvest on the first of August
Bringing in the corn
But for a nomadic race
The Roma, except when enslaved,
Were not known as an
Agricultural culture
By the time I appeared on Earth
It was in the city
And Gran certainly wasn’t
Chopping up cement
Or running through the park
Scythe slicing through stems
Of dandelions and ryegrass
Even here in Florida
August Heat Index at 105 Fahrenheit
Harvest time is a long way off
But that calendar of holidays
Etched into my DNA
With the added memory
Of Earth’s gift to humanity
I tread through the sandy yard
Find mulberries the birds
And squirrels missed
Add them to a frozen harvest
Courtesy of Walmart
Great big blueberries
That I mix with Graham cracker dust
A delicious but low-calorie crust
And sing out
Baxtalo Lunarela!
May we all have a
Safe and happy harvest…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

(the white among the fruit is sugar-free tapioca that will melt and hold the blueberries together)