You’ve dragged me into
A cave I fear
Yet the treasures I crave
Await me there

Always a mind-bender

To contemplate Joseph Campbell

And his Hero’s Journey

Cetus means whale

And once again I think how I am stuck

In the Belly of the whale

In a metaphorical

Campbell way

I suspect there are zero whales

Cruising thru the Gulf of Mexico

So my best view of a whale

Is in the night sky

Where Cetus patrols

The sea of the water constellations

Named by Ptolemy

But everyone knows

Aquarius is an Air sign

Despite being the Water Bearer

Important to know

If you’re into elemental characteristics


The Sun passed through the sky

During the Rainy Season

And that’s why that area

Resembles a watery place

But I never knew outer space

Had seasons

The Florida joke is

We have two:

Summer and Hot

Anyway, lately,

So much rain

That even the frogs are seeking shelter

In my cave of a trailer

Diphda is the Arabic word

For frog

Diphda is also a star

AKA Beta Ceti

Brightest in the Cetus constellation

I layer all this scientific

All this mythic


For your edification

But what is my point?

Well, who knows?

That’s why I’m squatting

In my cave

Hermit of the stars

In this time of prison bars

To stay safe from germs and

Worms of doubt

Trying to make sense

Out of events

And when I do

You’ll be the first to know

Hang in there with me…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Cetus Constellation from Urania’s Mirror & Midnight Frog