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Dragged myself out of Arizona

Silently kicking and screaming

After a few days in the Petrified Forest

Listening to the waves of silence

From the vast Painted Desert

Calming me as if I was

On a Jersey beach

Bombarded by negative ions


Listening to CCR sing

Who’ll stop the rain

Just to be comforted

From the line

“I went down Virginia

Seeking shelter from the storm”


Like John Fogerty knew

That’s what I was gonna do too


On Route 40

Once mythic Route 66

Around Gallup

Sign for a roadside attraction

In a town called

Continental Divide, New Mexico

Had to see it

Merely a sign

But made me smile

Awed me, actually

To think the rainfall knew

The borderline

Through the continent

Signaled direction

You go to the Pacific Ocean

You go to the Atlantic Ocean

A traffic cop

A teacher

A dance choreographer

Separating the drops

East and West

Knowing what is geographically best

Why did I remember this trivial item

From many decades ago?

Just can’t help wondering

Why the seven storms

In the Gulf

Stopped at Texas

Instead of dowsing

California, Oregon

Burning endlessly

What purpose to wreck

A community


When there is more than enough


To put out the Fire



The ways of Nature

Seemingly strange

No doubt have their own DNA

Of memory

Perhaps unaltered

Since the days of the Pangea

When continents were attached

When houses and pools

Hospitals and schools

Were unheard of

But oh

We on the Eastern side

Of the Continental Divide

Could have used less flood waters

If only the universal mind of Nature

Had the ability to Nurture

Helpless humans in the path of destruction…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Continental Divide, NM sign and map

*YouTube video Creedence Clearwater Revival, Who’ll Stop the Rain