No stranger to social distancing

Practiced it for years

Although enjoy being

What I believe is “social”

But pushed myself to fit in

Now, seem to have entered

A new phase that I named  

Full-circle fading of

Neurotypical actions

In social-distancing

Could be a doctoral thesis title

Retirement started it

No longer having to act

As if I’m just like them

Can accept the faint shadow

Of the Neurodiverse

It’s not a Plato-shadow

You probably read about it:

The philosopher examines

The meaning of reality

Prisoners in a cave

Seeing fire-lit figures

One escapes and experiences

An epiphany above ground

The real world of color

Blending in with others

Oh, no, though

Not like that at all

Perhaps the shadow is an

Evolutionary adaptation

Me and my tribe


Homo autisticus

Where we play near

But not with

Each other

Where for others we care

Although unseeable typicals

Are unaware

But now there is an equality

As Homo sapiens

Becomes less social

Goes inward for survival

Well, welcome to our world

The new Neurodiversity

And remember the consequences

If you go within sneezing distance of

Another mutation

But this one

Unlike us

Is deadly contagious…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Plato ’s Allegory of the Cave (no attribution available)