Oracles in pink

Lazily dancing

To cold front

Wind force

Dogs dozing

In dirt

My mind drifts

As I watch the

Bobbing of

Pink, plastic heads

And I think

Will I be able to sustain

Good health this

Second year of the plague?

And one flamingo’s head

Nods up and down

Then I think

That’s a”yes”

Hmmm, let me test this

And I think

Will my latest song

Win a Grammy?

And one flamingo’s head

Adamantly moves

Left, Right, Left, Right

That’s a “no”

I say

Just like the days

I used a pendant

To see what gender

My unborn babes

Would be

So these

Presents from

A dear friend

These oracles in disguise

Transcend the

Whimsical function

Of lawn decoration

At least for believers like me…

© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Pink Oracles