10 PM

Reading in bed

Nodding like a bobble-head figure  

Winter cat on a cold tin roof

Banging the ceiling with a broom

Possum scurries off and cat yowls

(And yowls)

11 PM

Across the road

Lone drummer banished to his shed

All those riffs in his head

Sleeping time begins

12 AM

Lunar lunch for a colicky baby

Midnight mom pushing pram through sand

I déjà vu this neighbor’s desperation

1 AM

Cherry bomber lurking in the next door swamp

My dogs hide under the bed and shake

I go pee, resisting the impulse to see

Who does this

Badly wanting to shout

Like some crazy old lady

Instead, I play my ukulele

And the dogs calm to “When Will I Be Loved?”

2 AM

Sleepless with a Kindle

Reading four different books

Playing solitaire

Checking out FB and Email

3 AM

Swallow another acetaminophen

But tossing continues in between

Chewing baby aspirin

Dogs back in bed trying to steal my pillow

Anxiety makes the heart grow faster

And I hear its erratic beat

As the window air con grinds on…and on…

4 AM

Standing on stage making my grateful Grammy acceptance speech…NO

Standing in a Vegas wedding chapel with the most perfect man….NO

Jet-setting with the beautiful people…UGH

All the fantasies in the world won’t put me to sleep

Because my real fantasy is to sleep

Perchance to dream (sorry, Shakespeare)

5 AM

Studying the setting moon

Dawn just waiting to color the gray curtain


Out ‘til

7 AM

Wow! Slept an entire two hours!!!


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Time charms