Ate yellow today

Frozen corn

Garbanzo beans

From a slow-cooking crock

And vegetarian chicken patty

Breaded in yellow crumbs

Ate yellow for chakra power


Out of power

From aging

From fear of plague

From never seeing

Real Life


Just me, rooomie, dogs

And an occasional glimpse

Of the neighbor across the road

Pierced ear lobes closing

New black dresses wilting

New leather boots

Greening from humidity

Driving skills retro’d  to

Preschool days of sitting in

The parental car

Yanking the wheel and

Screaming “Vrooooooooooooooom”

Where is my realtime life

Are virtual online friends

Flesh and blood?

Are my sons’ phone voices real?

Where is realtime?

Or are they inventions

Of a lonely heart?

I end the day

Walking through burnt yellow grass

Seeing the missing stalks of corn

Vivid in their yellowness

Crows caw as I crunch through the straw

Crows are the real anymore….

© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Corn and Ukulele