Entering Publix Supermarket

For the first dose of Moderna

After two years living in my home

Seeing only dogs, roomie, wild birds,  and

The gentle, quiet green of a Florida swamp

I was flying with The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I was gaping at Plato’s release from the allegory of the cave

I was speed swimming from Campbell’s whale’s belly

I was melting from Dali’s surreal tapestry

I was blindly running through a crowded theme park

Breads piled up to the ceiling

Every kind of cheese calling from their refrigerated case

Succulent plump vegetables of every hue

I didn’t know what to do

And the people

Babel couldn’t have been more confusing

Than the conversations swirling around me

As I sat waiting in the pharmacy

To be vaxxed

When my name was called

I stood, bent down to pick up my

Twenty-pound backpack

And like a Weeble Wobbling

I managed not to fall down

Despite the noise level

Discombobulating me

Dragging the pack to the sheltered place

Where I sat and waited for my first dose

Of the Elixir

That would set me free

And as the needle found its way

Into my arm muscle

I thought

In a month

After vax number two

It’s off to the Dollar Store I go

To fling my money around

Filling my basket

With artificial flowers, silky scarves,

Pens and notebooks and trail mix

Laced with M&M candies

Surely buying better swag than a pirate

Of the Caribbean…

© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGES: Overwhelming Light, Weebles Wobble toys