Nietzsche’s Amor Fati  

“Love your fate, which is,

In fact, your life”

But it’s easy to say

If you have food every day

Or you’re a king like

Marcus Aurelius

Philosopher Emperor

Yet, I admire those Stoics

Wish I could be like them

But I’m a fighter

Even if it is against those

Three mythological sisters

Who heartlessly weave

The future that never


With what we desire

So for years I chased

The dream of being balanced

And that finally came


When I retired

And could rule my own life

Time to look for another goal

Oh, I know, here we go

I gathered some coins

To put in a pouch

To remind me

To love my fate

Elemental coins

(to continue the balance)

Dragon coin for fire

But there be dragons

In water, air, and earth

Flamingo coin for air

But they love water, earth

And have fiery feathers

In the preamble of night

Moon coin for water

Earth’s beautiful follower

Way up in the atmosphere

Bringing us light from the sun

And then a

Sacagawea coin for earth

She who led Lewis & Clark

Across water, shivering in

Evening fires

As wind blew

In their explorer,

Forward-looking faces

And two special coins:

Amor Fati as a reminder

And a Hobo Nickel

With a knight and lady

Discovering the elusive object

A cup, a goal


My Holy Grail…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: The Coins