Month: October 2021




Walking along the road one Samhain night

Saw something odd, gave me a weak-legs fright

Hot pink dragon glowing in moonlight

Stretched over its hoard, man, what a sight


Now I don’t drink alcohol or smoke weed

Although decades in the past I partook of the seed

True, tonight I celebrated my control freed

Caffeine and chocolate imbibed with speed


Dragon snored away so I crept near

Have to confess, did feel fear

But wow! Her hoard was oh so clear

Mounds of candy corn celebrating the solar year


Orange and yellow and white sugar treat

My parents used to call it “chicken feet”

In prep for Thanksgiving I’d gobble it neat

I confess sugar and dye is my favorite eat


Shoveled the hoard into my backpack

Pausing to eat a midnight snack

Until the sugar high made me slack

And I must’ve passed out on the dragon’s back


Woke up feeling a pretty hot fire

The dragon yelling, thought I’d expire

“I didn’t do it!” I screamed like a liar

She wrapped her tail around me, I was lifted higher


“How shall I punish you, my thief?”

“I’m so sorry, but I’m addicted,” I said with grief

“Well it is Halloween so we’ll stay in the motif”

“Yes, I will!” I cried in relief


“Play me a song with your ukulele

Sing something sad and achingly lonely”

“I will,” said I gladly, “although I’m crappy”

Kindly she said, “Music is soothing even from a wannabe”


So I played and sang and swore I saw

A few tears wiped away with her claw

I sang and played til my fingers were raw

And then she thanked me, the sugar outlaw


I hurried home grateful to be unharmed

Swore I’d never steal, especially when unarmed

Sugar is my downfall but now I’m disarmed

And thankful that for once, I was charmed…


(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My Samhain Effigy


I lost myself

And no appealing

To St. Anthony

Can help

Milestones fraught

With crossroads

Ruled by the goddess Hecate

Life’s ebbs and flows

Highs and then lows

All related to women

And the Moon

Like menses first arriving

On the day of a first kiss

Like virginity (also lost)

Without wished-for love

Like marriage then realizing

The terrible mistake

Like stopping smoking

The day menopause

Asserts itself

Taking away the blood

But giving back the freedom

From nicotine addiction

That changes into food craving

And now the final crash

The crossroads of fading

A pandemic during

Acceptance of aging

Which road to take

Can’t go back

Three roads to choose from

But all lead to death

So I shut down

For two years

Barely moving

Fortress of home solitude

Until the vax

Elixir to lead me down

The correct tracks

Etched into the crossroads

But no, I’m still lost

I can’t find her


Can’t find me

Because life’s action

Is sometimes mathematical

As it gives something

But always seems to add a



© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  quantum equation amulet


I hear the song of my Spirit Doll

She protects mentally and physically

When I practice Reiki distance healing

Or loving words of encouragement

When things go astray

I made a new one today

Stuffed her with healing crystals

And for me

Guitar picks and bits

Of uplifting chords

Some St. John the Conqueror’s Root

A shredded palm tree leaf

A heart charm for bodily health

A few Chinese coins for enough wealth

To live a daily life

For all my simple needs…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Spirit Dolls


Cards associated with noise and chaos

Casinos, money, broken dreams

But they have a quieter

Contemplative side

Some feel they hold the

Mystery of life

The future in a deck of 52

Be bold and hold them in your hands

Here’s Jack with one-eye

Here’s his brother hiding a lie

Here’s the Queen of love

Watching the doves above

Here’s the King of Air

Spades like arrows to beware

The royal group

Overseeing the people everywhere

Ten digits, two hands

The real leaders of life’s band

Aces to Nines

Details in their power lines

Listen as they speak

Through vibrations 

Thrumming along with the magnetism

From the Earth’s core…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: cartomancy 2021 image


Such a hot, melty day

But here tucked away

A letter on parchment

Return address and stamp blurred

But the scent

Despite traveling through many hands



A strong aroma of

Russian Caravan tea

Caffeinated Black Tea

Smoked in bamboo

Yes, that, too

Strangely antiquated but

Addressed to me

I hold it in trembling hands

Trying to see

Through the envelope

Maybe a Daisy

Symbol of innocence

There’s a shadow, a shape

Perhaps a dried Bloodroot blossom

With petals of eight

Reminding me that

I first saw you in a dream

And here you are

But living so far

I tried to forget your

Delicious fragrance

The spiciness of France

Your intense glance

You, the emblem of

Continents divided

Continents connected

An Asian vibration

Our Croatian flirtation

You, man of the world

Sending me your signal

Like a radio telescope searching

Through space

But you, original you

Use an antiqued envelope

Knowing I’ll rip it open

(No lady, me)

Full of excited hope

That the anachronous way

You greet me today

Is romantic and our reality…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Envelope 2


Delta harboring a swamp

In the South, turn left

This pre-dawn she chooses

North , turning right

No Pit Bulls patrolling the dirt road

No feral cats or wandering homeless

Pepper spray in backpack, useless

But psychological safety equals positivity

Just a lone frog with a loud croak

Sloping up to the top of a Florida hill

96 degrees sweating humidity

Stopping at an empty field of unmown grass

Dotted with parched flowers

Yet wild, free, colorful in waning moonlight

Accepting their dryness

While awaiting early dawn showers

She kneels in the sacred space

Sparkling dew forming like lace

And then she waits

Colorful dawn shifts away

Streaks of gray

It’s a new day

As flowers reflect the

Sky’s rainbow colors

Today will be the day…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Swamp Picnic


When that thin gossamer veil

Between the worlds

Shreds impatiently

To let the alive and dead

Have their meet-and-greet

Be careful what you wish

Be aware of what you say

Trust no spirit if they be unknown

Dump salt from a neck pouch if tingly scalp

Light white candles if black ones flicker and flare

Carve smiley orange kirbiso

And fish-feed your inky cats


Unless you crave

(If you are brave)

Excitement that may turn into


Because the spirits are bored

Powerful and jealous

And they may overcome

Whatever you believe

Who has the control?

Not us, my fellow-living

We can train, memorize, pray

But spirits have that spectral power

A necromantic way with words and wands

No, we’re no match


Unless you are blessed

With wisdom and purity

And you know the runes to

The banish spell

Do I know them?

Will I share?

Perhaps if you give me your candy corn

I can be persuaded to bare my soul to you…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Halloween 2021


Been up and down city streets

On a horse whose name I forgot

Been through the Painted Desert

On a mule with a crazy name

But always knew my own

It sounds like Seeker, Wanderer

Loving aloneness but often

Regretting being lonely

Because after all,

No one can really help us

Live or die

In a blink of an eye

We are 3 and then

70 years speed by

But we are still the same

Still wanting that guy we can’t have

Still trying to stay thin by

Ignoring the chocolate cream pie

Still dancing on the treadmill

To old rock and roll

Our essence is still the same

Only the shell has changed…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: CS age 3


What this swampy backyard needs is

A two-person observatory

(Two dogs, too)


But then, if not

Can fly to the

Star-stairway of

The aethers

Past the space debris

In a galaxy

Not so far, far away

Fitted with

A super-strong


That not only scans the skies

But can see four miles to the

Gulf of Mexico

And then we can say

As above, so below…


(C) 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Backyard Observatory Plans, non-attributed