Such a hot, melty day

But here tucked away

A letter on parchment

Return address and stamp blurred

But the scent

Despite traveling through many hands



A strong aroma of

Russian Caravan tea

Caffeinated Black Tea

Smoked in bamboo

Yes, that, too

Strangely antiquated but

Addressed to me

I hold it in trembling hands

Trying to see

Through the envelope

Maybe a Daisy

Symbol of innocence

There’s a shadow, a shape

Perhaps a dried Bloodroot blossom

With petals of eight

Reminding me that

I first saw you in a dream

And here you are

But living so far

I tried to forget your

Delicious fragrance

The spiciness of France

Your intense glance

You, the emblem of

Continents divided

Continents connected

An Asian vibration

Our Croatian flirtation

You, man of the world

Sending me your signal

Like a radio telescope searching

Through space

But you, original you

Use an antiqued envelope

Knowing I’ll rip it open

(No lady, me)

Full of excited hope

That the anachronous way

You greet me today

Is romantic and our reality…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Envelope 2