Living a long time

(But never long enough)

See many changes

Brought about by necessity

Today’s alteration is

The dismantling of a

Homemade Greenhouse

If you can see the image

See all those pipes on the ground

I’m the one who carried them there

Dressed in 2 inch Western boots

And Gothic black tunic

PVC plastic pipes are easy

But oh those metal ones

Yet the carrying of a pipe

Longer than I’m tall (5 feet)

Heavier than me (almost)

Made me feel like

Xena the Warrior Princess

Ok, Xena’s grandmother

But most of all

I tasted the sweetness of

Homegrown tomatoes

Tangy green collards

And sunflower seeds safe

From sneaky squirrels

Back in the house

I pick up my baritone uke

And hear myself singing

Imitating Dylan’s drawling voice

And the times they are a’changing…


© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: detritus of a dismantled greenhouse