I want to tell you about the Sun

The Sun and Crows

Most people think Crows

Are dark and scary

Crows can be scary

But they love the morning Sun

They hunt and feed

Terrorize the little birds

In the morning Sun

Swooping in

Making the Sky black

With outstretched wings

Wings that look magnified

When staring into the Sun

Springsteen said,

Well his mama said,

Never look into the Sun

But I saw no fun

Not that day

Cawing, couldn’t hear Roomie

Shouting at me

Shouting at them

But the Dogs were scared

Went into the house

And me,

Tried to talk to those

Sunshine Crows

Last time Crows did this

Attacked the little

Cardinals, Chickadees, Doves

Roomie had a heart attack that night

Real one


Stents and 4 in the morning worrying

So now thinking

Love the Sun

Love the Crows

But what goes?

What presaging do they do

On Christmas Eve day?


A few years ago

Woodpecker in my hair

Favorite aunt died

Always something

When the birds get

Alfred Hitchcockian

The Sun in a bright blue Sky

The Sun made them crazy

The Sun should be blameless

But I’m better off in hazy

Hazy days, grays the world

That touch of gray

Like the Grateful Dead say

Is so necessary

So, Sun

Yes, you’re the one

But I’m blinded


Sun playing with me?


But stay tuned

For the meaning of Crows

Who want to decompose

My boring but peaceful life

Beware the Sun

Leading me like a compass rose


For me

To ignore the Crows

And stay in the safe shadows…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Morning Crows