The Wheel of the Year

Is a minute away

From Midnight

As the last Solar event

Is swept out today

The Wheel of Time

Suadarshan Chakra

Is about to repeat

The same cycle

But can we make it

Uniquely our own?

The Wheel of Life

Echoes the 7 chakras

And we try to balance

Protection, Emotion

Power, Health

Communication, Intuition

Blending the Spiritual

With the Physical and Mental

For all-important harmony

The Wheel of Fortune

Turns and burns

Tilts and slides

Like carnival rides

Settling on what will be

At least, temporarily

The Ouroboros

Serpent swallowing its tail

As it encircles and veils

The daily movements of life

Symbols of Geometria Sacra

Disguised as trees and berns

Seas and ferns

Are there but rarely noticed

Daily, we walk through the Circle

Of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey

We wear pendants without thinking

That the chain around our neck

Is a Circle of Protection

Whether religious, spiritual

Or the latch-key to our home

We may be part of a drumming circle

We may play a circle tambourine

We may lay down cards in a circle

But whatever we do

From birth to death

The movement is a circle

And so, as a new year begins

I wish to all of you

The no beginning, no end

The absolute unity

Of friendship

Of love

Of walking in circles

Protected and healthy

Happy and aware

Celebrating our lives

With care

For ourselves, always

And for those of us living

In the circle called Earth…


© 2021 Clarissa Simmens

IMAGE: Wheels & Circles