(another autism poem)



Autism represented by a jigsaw puzzle

Because we’re difficult to figure out

But I say we’re kaleidoscopes

While Neurotypicals are like a telescope

Seeing the acceptable reality

Many of us Neurodiverse

See patterns of light and darkness

Mirrored in endless combinations

The Autism Spectrum

Like the Color Spectrum

Diverse, yet part of the Universe


So me, I’m in the middle

Not like the Rain Man

Caught in a world of apartness

Not like Temple Grandin or Elon Musk

Geniuses in their chosen fields

Just regular me

Able to see who I am

Yet must confess

Like the Rain Man

And maybe Musk and Grandin

I share the loneliness


Familiar with Sabian Symbols?

Autism, for some of us, is like

Aries 7:

“One who is successfully

Expressing herself

In two realms

At once”

Of course,

Like the kaleidoscope,

A flick of the wrist

Changes the broken pieces of

Colorful glass

And a new reality is born

A Sacred Geometry

Of angles, circles, lines

Reflected in the mirror

Showing the signs

Of what can be

Or sadly

What cannot



Derived from the

Greek words


“Beautiful form to view”

And so true…


© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Kaleidoscope public domain free image