Reading tarot cards

For a friend

Rare, nowadays

But the question was

“I fantasize using

A celebrity

But eventually

Believe it and

Expect it to be real

It’s devastating

Because I fear

It will never be

And how can I live

Without him being

A flesh and blood

Part of me?”

I lay out the cards

And I see

A chaos of symbols


In my experience

We must consider


And I say,

“Think of him as your


Who looks like the

Famous star   

Who acts like the

Famous star

But you can mold him

Exactly as you want

In your fantasies”

She gives me this look

And I know

All along she believed

I’d predict what she wanted


But I could not say

He will be yours any day

It just wasn’t in the cards…

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© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  fantasy tarot reading