Month: September 2022


(Starlink Satellite Trains)

Poets and Lovers

Children and Discoverers

Need the mystery of ancient suns

Instead, we peer around star train satellites

But yes, we also love our internet, phone and TV

Is there a way to balance the sky

With Nature and Space debris?

<> <> <>

Seeking the balance

Is what I’ve sought

My entire adult life

Maybe it’s being Libra Rising

Keeping me on that train of thought

<> <> <>

Equinox is equality

Between night and day

We celebrate with food and dance

For love, friendship and happenstance

<> <> <>

But as we know, our ancestors

Saw autumn as a warning

Especially in northern clime

A sun sending us a signal to work

Because it’s almost harvest time

<> <> <>

Familiar constellations gleam

In the fine night sky

Months of monsoon rain has caused

The Live Oaks to leaf and grow

Giving me only a small sky window

To see the stars I annually know

<> <> <>

But wait, what’s that?

It looks like AMTRAK lost its way

Chugging across the misty night way

As if all the stars fell into a perfect line so nice

Following the leader

Dragging across the sky

Telling us to buy

For greater rapidity and price

<> <> <>

Yes, I know the genius of Elon Musk

I admire him as an engineer and mostly

A member of my Autism tribe

Yes, I know he’s working on painting

The satellites so they do not interfere

With important outer space studies

Or the romance of poets and lovers

Enjoying the penultimate holiday of the

Solar Year

<> <> <>

I truly believe that Nature and Science

Can live and work together in the

Modern century

But perhaps he can change the

Shape of the train

To a radiant 5-point star

And we can exclaim

With drums and guitar

How lovely the harvest

Night is enhanced by modern tech

And I say, Blessed Be…

<> <> <>

© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Starlink Satellites Train


Opened my eyes near dawn

And in the blue light

Saw dark, geometric lines

Triangles, rectangles

Circles and squares

Didn’t even know

Where I was

When suddenly a bit of sun

Horizoned above the earth

Lighting the sky

And what looked like a stark playground

Filled in with color

And here I was

In the middle of a Mondrian

Abstract painting

Not the famous one

More like his

Broadway Boogie Woogie one

And vibrant colors

Lit the sacred geometry of the bedroom

And I knew

My one eye

After three days

Was finally winking at me

As if to say

See, you’re gonna see

Surgery finally kicking in

And I smiled…

<> <> <>

© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Broadway Boogie Woogie, Piet Mondrian