Month: December 2022


Krakens and Ravens and feathers and charms

Homemade holy water for backyard farms

Long ago stirred cauldrons for world harmony

Now it’s for healthful serenity

Into the aethers I send my song

Chords blanketing us, what could be wrong?

Bones and tones and colorful smoke

World filled with strong and erect folk

Whatever you believe for enhancing the days

Share with the moon and sun’s healing rays

Sing it, strum it, drum it too

Use prayer or science or loving Hoodoo

Elemental love of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

We are the universe’s sons and daughters


☼ ☼ ☼

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: New Year 2023


Santa’s sleigh will slide and slip

Heading for the Florida airstrip

Sunshine State is sure to freeze

No snowplows, salt, or chains to please

No central heat for warmth and peace

No winter coats, just hoodie fleece

Yet I feel the excitement of winter’s wassail

And welcome the cold and holiday mail

So now as the wind does blow

I dream of dancing through the snow

Happy, Healthy & Fun Holidays to you and yours!

© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: for Florida/My Holiday Nook 2022

ONE WOMAN’S SONG (for Make Music Day Solstice 2022)

Getting old so wrote this poem for me

Who am I?

Need to see

The simplicity of

Beliefs and paths taken

Before I die

🌙   🌙   🌙

Politics, Religion

Don’t wanna discuss

But still write elected officials

Lots to do because I live in a state

With a law that says,

“Don’t say gay”

Oh yeah?

Or where books are banned

On the word of one parent!

One of my sons voted for Obama

The other son voted for Trump

Won’t talk politics with either

But won’t stop talking to either

If their guy isn’t mine

Or they disagree with me on anything

(And I’m sure they do)

🌙   🌙   🌙

You can label me, though

And I’ll help

I’m a flaming Democrat

But owned a handgun

‘Cause  lived in the woods   

With two young sons

Needing protection

But hey

AK-47?  Cops and soldiers ok

But anyone else…?

Now, can’t see myself shooting

An intruder so

I charge my taser every day

Wear pepper spray around my neck

And still remember karate moves

From a time long ago but not so far away

When I was one stripe under a

Coveted brown belt but couldn’t stay

🌙   🌙   🌙  

And I’m a long-time vegetarian

Who hoards canned chicken and

Eats meat and fish

If my body feels wobbly and


I believe in God

But also believe in the Goddess

Don’t want you praying in public schools

But welcome your prayers

From home or chapel for  

Those needing them

And add my voice sending out

Good words and vibrations

I love bits from every religion

My favorite saints are

Anthony and Mary Magdalene

Mother Teresa and Hildegarde von Bingen

I’m a feminist, baritone ukulele player,

Autistic, hard-headed Aries, and

First-generation American

Do go to doctors but prefer my own herbalism

Also swear by homeopathics

Belladonna takes away vertigo

Iris versicolor takes away sick migraine

Hypericum perforatum takes away trigeminal neuralgia

Try to live by Gran’s words

“Na Povreda”

Do No Harm

🌙   🌙   🌙  

How I love Nature

But always striving for balance

Harmonious gray

Not black or white

Swirl it together

Doesn’t matter whether

You’ve dulled the color

Now I’ve aged, I know that

Just want to live in peace

Bored yet?


You wanna talk to me?

Let’s discuss the beauty

Of Earth, Music, Art, Poetry

(And by the way, although I finally

Graduated from college at age 37

As an English major

My favorite adjective

Begins with an “F”

But that’s ok)

Got Roma (Gypsy) blood

Proud to be reading cards and

Leaves of tea

But never would curse anyone

Just want to help

Because my life is all about

Health and safety

🌙   🌙   🌙  

What’s your story?

Would really like to hear it

But if not, record it somewhere

For future generations to

Learn about life

And how we struggled

In strife

But sometimes in

Happiness too

And today, just know

My dear family of

Blood or Virtual or

Kind commenters in Social Media

In the words of the hopefully immortal

Bob Dylan

“All I really wanna do

Is baby be friends with you”

All of you!

Happy Holidays with lots of

Love & Peace…

☼   ☼   ☼  

© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Make Music Winter Solstice 2022

☼   ☼   ☼  

Winter Music Events | Worldwide Celebration of Music | June 21st, 2021 (

Bob Dylan YouTube video: All I Really Want to Do


So a week before

Winter Solstice

We’ve got a tornado warning

Couple of weeks ago was a

Hurricane in the Atlantic

I like anthropomorphizing

Nature’s diverse-ways-of-speaking members

And I imagine

The Gulf of Mexico

After being the star of the South

Constantly discussed during

Hurricane Season

Wants more attention

So it’s acting up, shouting:

Can’t get a cyclone going

Will settle for a tornado

Just hope it don’t hurt

Me or my loved ones

Home and car

Or the Brazilian Pepper

Used as my natural

Solstice Tree…

☼ ☼ ☼

© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Brazilian Pepper


Once named the Phoenician Star


In the Ursa Minor constellation

Is so close to the North Pole

That The Phoenicians

Navigated by its brightness

Guiding them North, always

I love the sound of the word


Maybe T.S. Eliot did too

Because in his poem

The Waste Land

He invented a tarot card

The Drowned Phoenician Sailor

And I wonder if, like me,

He mind-navigated

Across the night sky

Cooling off in the polar air

Yet burning to appear


In the midst of the pulsing north star

Perhaps I’ll celebrate the longest night

Dancing in my backyard

Under the waning moon’s

Comforting darkness

With the only light


© 2022 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Celestial Globe with Ursa Minor