Mythology of ancient Greece

Created the Moirai

The Three Fates

Made to ensure that

The gods and mortals

Would live out their destiny

According to the laws of the Universe

Clotho the spinner

Lachesis the allotter

Atropos the unturnable

Working her well-oiled scissors

Snipping the thread

Separating souls from their

Life-long fate

Linnaeus, perhaps,

Father of binomial nomenclature

Designated the poisonous herb

Member of the Deadly Nightshade family


A warning that Atropa Belladonna

Is a deadly venom

But Samuel Hahnemann

Father of homeopathy

Believing like cures like

Saw past the dreaded name

Potentiating Belladonna

Into a miracle drug for some

So whether it is a migraine

Or vertigo

Or trigeminal neuralgia

I place 5 tiny pellets


And like magic

I am cured, restored


A cousin of the tomato

Must eat more

Atropa Belladonna…

© 2023 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Atropa Belladonna