Jackson Pollock painting

In white and blue

Snow losing its way

Without a clue

Doves from a magician’s hat

Flapped wings and flew

Wind did a sneeze and clouds

Scattered and grew

Before looking down

I suddenly knew

Seeing runic words

On ripped paper you drew

Recognized your handwriting

Merely Odin passing through

Learning Runic truths

On the World Tree you hung askew

Now you impart the secrets of life

Impossible from my angle of view

Wished-for fishing net appears

And I gather the cloudy stew

Fit them all together

A jigsaw of words to review

Some runes I recognize

They ring so very true:

Do unto others

As you want them to do to you…

© 2023 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Scattered Clouds 2023