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I'm an independent poet--since the age of four--and a Romani drabarni (Gypsy herbalist/adviser). Recently taught myself to play ukulele and now a wannabe songwriter. Prefer writing poetry simply, striving to compose musically, including talking blues, folktales, and memoirs of life. All music genres inspire me, but I especially vibrate to Classic Rock, Folk, Romani (Gypsy), and Cajun with an emphasis on guitar, ukulele and violin music mainly in a Minor Key. I hope to heal souls and maybe poetry can accomplish that.



Ground fog floating
Accenting a
Full to Dark Moon
Dangerous Waning magic
Carpeting the acreage
Concealing turnips and potatoes
Carrots and rutabagas
Allium onions
Ginger and ginseng
While deep down
Garlic bulbs blindly
Outstretch their
Mossy corpse fingers
Reaching for the sky
Or whatever walks by
Summoned alive
Seduced by a bloody scent
From those fated to die
Earth’s crust of a floor
Disguised underworld door
Since Time began
We sacrifice to
Hades and Persephone
In their Eminent Domain
As we attempt to refrain
From the romance of late night horror
On the black and white screen
Of childhood dreams…

(C) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

image: moon over garden




Moon and Sun

Same side as Earth

Dark of the Moon

Invisible against a backdrop

Of the central star

Confused where we are

A brief death

Lack of energy

Sluggish tides

Where we abide

Inside a day of love

It is 2018

About to be

A stopping of breath

AR-15 pierces a dark day

Of the mind


Tommy Jefferson has a dream

So far away

From king and country

Rights of the land

Penned by men like

Jamie Madison

With help from Georgie Mason

At the home of their friend

Benjy Franklin

Now he bids goodbye

Heading south on his horse

To his bit of brown sugar

No serious thoughts

Whether rights should apply

To his secret sons

Born in slavery

But they’d have his money

To see them through

And Tommy thinks

Of the militia


Number Two

On that Bill of Rights

Keep the land safe and strong

That’s what goes through

Tommy’s mind in 1791

As he clatters along

The safe road to Monticello

The safe road to freedom


And over 300 years later

The Moon reflects no sun

Only the darkness of souls

Lost to a soulless gun


Personal freedom

A new Magna Carta

So says Jamie Madison

Thundering words to the new

House of Representatives

“The Right of the People

To keep and bear arms

Should not be infringed!”


Okay, okay, we get it

Arms needed for defense of a country

Or defense of a home

DEFENSE is the magical mixture

Of letters and sounds

“A well regulated militia

Being necessary to the

Security of a free State!”

SECURITY is the magical mixture

Of letters and sounds


We get it



Nowhere do we say

Assassination is okay


The assassination of rival gangs

Of government parasites

Of babies in American schools

K to 12 or colleges

Our babies, our children

The assassination of teachers, parents

Or office workers

Those doing the daily chores of life

With terrible timing


Nowhere does it say

The right to bear arms

Can be used offensively

An offense against morality


Yet on this day of love in 2018

The Moon reflects no sun

Only the metal of a soulless gun


Nowhere does it say…




© 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Bill of Rights plaque, VOA Learning English


C/Never been in love or D/loved
D/Struggled to stay C/afloat
C/Can any man be so D/perfect
D/As a series of musical G6/notes?

F/Something primal G6/making it sing
G6/Slapping bongos or F/tambourines
F/Skin aglow D/feeling the sting

C/Fantasy in D/chords of blue
D/How will I ever Am/find you

C/Flavor of a D/good man
D/Like eating chocolate C/Ice cream
C/As taste buds revived D/deliciously
D/In a piquant G6/dream

F/Something primal G6/making it sing
G6/Blowing horns hot as a F/thermal spring
F/Pumping blood rides D/an upward swing

C/Fantasy of D/honeyed kiss
D/Craving a present Am/life of bliss


C/Longing for a D/reality
D/Consigning all the C/nightmares
C/Back to the D/dreaded past
D/Of implacable ghosts of G6/despair

F/Something primal G6/making it sing
G6/Fast picking of guitar’s F/heart strings
F/Spiraling out on strong D/beating wings

C/Fantasy of love D/in the now
D/Intending to live the Am/myth somehow

© 2016, 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) words and chords appearing in Self-
ie Reflections: A Blogetry Collection
IMAGE: Valentine Ukulele & Tambourine




*scroll down for a YouTube video*
Why write a poem

About a Starman

When Bowie already did it

Like a SciFi author

Predicting the future

But gotta tell you

I believe there is

A sexy energy

In that suit


In his red Tesla

And oh

Aside from the



Meaning of the SpaceX


The Falcon Heavy Take-off

The girl in me

Just wants to be

Sitting by his side

As we ride

Across the vast place

Called space

Heading for the dance

Pulsing from the sun

At long last, romance…

 (c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: STARMAN ( YouTube David Bowie, Starman


Many of us can string beads or create amulets, but I’ve learned it is often beneficial to have an objective observer/designer help us along. We often get mired in symbols.  I am fortunate to have met the creator of Rhiannon Restoration who is able to intuit what will work best for each individual, based on her broad knowledge of not only Celtic deities but also those of many different cultures,

For example, it never would occur to me to use an owl because there was something about them that made me uneasy (despite their being a symbol of wisdom). But she used it as a symbol of darkness moving to lightness or, Eostre (April, Goddess of Dawn) moving toward the dawn of Spring, and I understood and related to that particular journey. I was now able to redirect my meditations toward the movement of all life cycles. She also has invocations that can be used for each deity, or, of course, we can use our own.

This is what she says about her “PRAYER BEAD SHRINES”

”These are strung on sturdy wire so it’s strong, good for people who like a tactile and visual meditation or prayer focus. I work with them to make it something useful for their needs. If they have some bead or pendant they want included I can do that. If they want examples of ones they can buy with prices I can do that because I don’t have any images of deities unless I’m doing it special for that deity. We can discuss symbolism, how color feels, size.  Basically they can be as involved as they want. As a psychic I had to help clients form the best questions so I’m used to helping people clarify if they don’t know. And if they say ‘Hathor. Go for it’  I certainly will and it’ll be a blast! And my sources are solid, no pop culture. It will honor that deity accurately.

For more information, please email her at:


I was given this beautiful book as a friendship gift and want to attach the link in case you would like more information.

The book is set up for the month of April, Shakespeare’s birthday month (mine, too!). These are the designated days for National Poetry Month.  As you may know, this celebration is not only for those who write poetry. but also for anyone who wishes to participate by reading a different poem each day or even an online mini biography of other poets.

This lovely journal contains a daily quotation, writing challenge, and several poetry practice pages. There is an introduction by the poet and creator Denise Fletcher and a beautiful cover by James Corbesia. The Appendix includes information such as Poetic Devices, Web Poetry Resources, and a place for Notes.

Although I will not participate in National Poetry Month, I find this book useful as a notebook for other poetry-related entries:


Descriptions of poetic forms

Second or Third Drafts (would never waste these beautiful pages for a first draft!)

Dreams (day and night)


Please visit Denise Fletcher’s WordPress page




*scroll down for a YouTube video*
Often think of the Allman Brothers’ song


Don’t know

If this is so

But sometimes imagination

Is better than the

Google answer

To me

I see

A young woman

Short cut-offs



Long, straight hair

(yeah, mine is curly, ugh)

And she is as welcome as Spring




The song IS Jessica

So attempted one about you

But oh

Five different

Almost discordant

Songs appeared

You’re that layered

Peel away one skin

To find another

What is the vision

From the music of your soul

As I hear it?

One billion parts

Make up the whole…


(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Playing with the stars
*youtube video Jessica, Allman Brothers


After 10 drafts and the invention of incredible swear words aimed at Windows 10, HP Laptops, and Microsoft Word (that I paid for but still had intrusive ads to  dodge)  I uploaded my 10th poetry book. If you follow me, you have probably read all the poems for free on FB, GR, TW and WP but in case you are interested, here is the link for the Kindle edition. The paperback will need a lot of formatting and that will probably entail another 10 drafts





All the usuals



All the emotions

The real me

Kept boxed up

Until one day


What to do?

Collection of boxes

Containing nothing but

Sparkly dust

Poured a bit into my palm

A sonnet appeared

Oh, sure, not Shakespeare-worthy

But each day it grew

Until there were twenty-two

One for each symbol

Of the Major Arcana

Then there were twelve

Terza Rima

For each Zodiac sign

And each box

Had its own lines

Until there was a

Rima Royale

Of birds

And a tiny box of Haiku

Slightly larger box of Tanka

But in a special box

Of the loveliest cloisonne

Shone silver Moon dust

Mixed with golden Sunlight

And Stars of blue and every hue

They whirled above me

Then gently drizzled down

Covering my head, lips, shoulders

And as I grew older

I became bolder


Free at last

Poetry that had no use for rhyme




Gutter talk

A touch of erotica

Words made up

Words spilling from a box

Filling ten books

Of words hidden inside

For decades

The real me

Then one day

Those magical boxes

Were empty

I’d open the lids

In the three A.M. shadows

Whispering, “Where’d you go?”

So, I bought more boxes

My collection growing

And one cloudy morning

Something sang out

From a new box

And there

As I hastily opened the lock

Was a different dust

Sparkling? Not quite


Like electricity

And poetry melded

With musical chords

And songs were born

Euterpe with her magic flute

Pushed open the lids

Danced with her sister


And I wrote

And strummed

And sang

And hummed

But I see

The magical dust

In my box collection

Is once again disappearing

And so I say

Today is the day

I shop for a new box

And begin an unknown


(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Some of my magic boxes


Well, I finally feel the need for a little break from Social Media.  I am so appreciative of everyone’s comments and likes but find I can no longer keep up.  So I’ve removed the comments section (thank you, Denise, for your help!) but not sure if that also includes “like.”  I may post occasionally and I definitely will keep track of my Reader because one of the fun things in life is reading good writing and EVERY ONE of my followers and those I follow are exceptional!

Don’t know how long this will last.  I already feel a bit lost at the thought of not communicating with you.  Although I no longer scroll on Facebook, I do check messages.  My FB page is public, anyone can post or message me.  I can’t keep up with Twitter so that may not work.  But here are my two email addresses.  I always check my main one at least one thousand times a day 🙂  Please feel free to keep in touch.

Thank you, and hopefully I will be back!

Clarissa (Simmens)