night sky free image

Things that disappear

Like being six and

Walking on the Atlantic City



In midnight moon

And clouds

Surf and sand

With Gran and some of her

Myriad cousins, sisters, friends

Walking ahead of them

What could they possibly have

To talk about

So intensely

In foreign languages

I never learned

And finding a dark store front

With huge looming animals


Dressed in costumes:

Upright fox in a top hat

And cutaway

Upright bull

Horns hatless

Wearing a matador’s red cape

Upright rabbit

Sinister, unlike the Easter bunny

Unlike the fussiness of the

March Hare

Glaring through the glass window

Dressed in black tie and tux

On and on

I could swear they have moved

An eye winks, a drop of drool appears

On the snarling wolf face

Animals towering over me

Yet I am safe in front of the glass

Scared but fascinated

Longing to enter their world

In my own costume

In a flowing gown of

My secret favorite color: red


Unwelcome tug on my long, curly,

Dark hair

As Gran’s friend finds me

Frantically looking at the door

No name on the store

I can read but where are we?

I want to come back in the daylight

But I never do

Never find that cluttered window

Of unfriendly, forest animals

Though I search for years

And in the 80s

Birthday party for my

Sons at Chuck E. Cheese

I get a tingle

When the animatronic

Animal band

Plays on stage

But no, they are too friendly

Not baleful at all

Like my band

From long ago

A time that


Swallowing up

A six-year old

With chills stomping

Up and down her spine

And a glass cage of


Dressed in their best

As they lure the luckless

Into their darkened window

With a vision

Never to be forgotten

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)