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Geological structure
Not a geode
Just similar
Crystal vibrations
A synonym for prayer
Maybe when I post
Sending you healthy vibrations
You won’t scorn me
Like some aging hippie
Wandering around in a buzz
Vibrations are part of Nature
Hold a crystal or a common stone
Strum guitar strings and hear the tone
Lean against a tree
Or even put on a pair of compression gloves
Vibrations from all
If you’ll listen and not think
Prayer isn’t everywhere
It is
Here is my Thunder Egg
Look at the natural shape
It’s my Janis Joplin dog
Who walked the Rainbow Bridge
It’s my RockStar who shares my bed
Dogs, vibrations, dancing through my head
So I send you all

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGES: My Chihuahua Thunder Egg / Upside-down JJ / RockStar

*Crystal Blue Persuasion, Tommy James & the Shondells

Upside down JJ (JanisJoplin)

rockstar on chair


deck prism

In years past

Before electricity

Crystals were faceted

And used below decks

In sailing ships

To lighten the darkness


Safer than candles

Or kerosene lamps

Solar power refracting


Natural sunlight


So despite keelhauling,

Brutality and impressing

Drunken men or young boys

Our sea-going ancestors

Knew the secret of the sun

Knew not to waste

Too many natural resources


Although the whales were sacrificed

For their ability to provide fat for tallow

There is always an oblation

A diminishment of a species

Offered to the jealous gods

Who are expected to return the favor

By keeping us safe


On those rare, but dark days,

Of my soul

I seek the deck prism

Feel its vibration

Huddle around its meager, but reliable, light

And allow the power to transform

Mind and mood

Into a bursting crystal of


Because light will always reappear

If we force ourselves through the

Shadows of life

That come

But most importantly


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)