genetic memory


DNA double helix wikipedia

Slide in and out

Through time and space

For a few moments

Smell the familiar aroma

Chicken bubbling in a pot

Strangely, this intoxicating fragrance

Emanates from my vegetarian kitchen

A bouquet similar to my mother’s soup

Dill and carrots bobbing to the surface


In those moments I feel the strength

In my old body

Charging up to my seventeen year old one

No aches

No regrets

No self-lies

Merely moments

Because I’ve passed through

The parallel, donned the mask

Of youth and strength

Only to lose it while slipping back

Frustratingly feeling like an

Unwanted understudy

Peering through the heavy red velvet curtain

Wanting to reprise the role

Now being played by a younger actor


I like the idea of genetic memory

Arising out of

Our ancestors’ thoughts

Seeing through their eyes

And one wonders if

It is past-life recollections

Or a glimpse into a parallel universe

Or actual memories

Entertaining us live

From our DNA double helix

Can someone tell me if genetic memory

Also applies to oneself?

Can a past memory from a half century ago


In all its glorious

Beauty, health, happiness and

Optimism for the future?


If so, I must go again and again

What a lovely addiction

With the added attraction

Of aromas from childhood meals

When cholesterol and animal rights

Did not exist in the average mind

Next time I will order a chocolate eclair

And maybe a cigarette…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)