Into every life

A little acid must fall

Alkaline isn’t homeostasis

Challenge grows the intellect

And what some have named the soul

Adam and Eve, for instance

Flat bored

Sure, some of it was hormonal

But living in a perfect place

Like Shangri-La

No decisions to make

(unless you are the servants)

Yang and Yin

And all those common antonyms

Gift of a feather on the grass

Crawling with fleas

Pick up a piece of polished glass

Tiny shard draws blood

In the glaring sun

Part of life

Striving to live in the center

Where we will be happy

Will we?


So difficult

But oh the feeling

When we emerge victorious…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Wildflowers scrabbling on my fence post



peace love music

Dazzling in plastic

Evil Eye earrings

Swirling around in

Black polyester

Gliding in knee high

Shiny vinyl boots

Frizzy silver hair

Framing an aging

Yet sun-beaming face

Singing beloved

Rock and Blues and Folk

A sliding glass door

Shows her reflection

Happily laughing

Because life is fun…

© ViataMaja