Double your pleasure
Double your fun
With Laura and Marco
On the run

Two selfish lovers
On a course of destruction
Altering weather history
In a tempting seduction

Weather paths meaningless
With that much force
What chance the Gulf States
From the coming intercourse

So to Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama
Texas, Louisiana, and Florida too
Inhale and hold your breath
We’re news for the world view

Just makes me wonder
Why there is so much fuss
About politics and face masks
When all is superfluous

Wishing us all strength
As we step into warrior mode
Recognizing space and time
As the ultimate crossroad

Safety to us all…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Laura & Marco


When does immortality desert?
Listening to the wind and rain
In a rickety old Victorian
Off the Atlantic City
Boardwalk and ocean
Wanting so much to be swimming
In the flooded streets
Like the other children
Sailing through life without
Health-conscious adults
No, didn’t desert this little girl
Sneaking outside to ride the wind
Sure was immortal when
Hurricane Hazel hit
Brave and bragging
Like Beowulf in Hrothgar’s Court

Immortality didn’t desert
Around 1987 when she swayed
With her workplace
On the 13th floor
University spread out below
As West Philly fought the deluge
Standing by the window
Daring the winds
To crack open the glass
And carry her on an adventure
Work and motherhood and
Young woman power a
Powerful fuel
Indestructible as Beowulf
Ripping off Grendel’s arm…
Certainly didn’t desert her
When living in Florida
Watching the Roomie
Wind surf in the Gulf
Lifting ecstatic arms
Inviting the power to the Earth
Screeching with laughter
Crossing Dunedin Causeway
When the No-Name Storm
Tried to take away her life form
No, this almost-middle-age woman
Was still immortal
Enduring as Beowulf
Decapitating Grendel’s mother

Now, now mortality
Has wrapped her in its heavy folds
Not a warm and comforting blanket
Just freezing cold
And she cowers
In a time-worn tower of years
As new imps introduce themselves
With names like
Done in like Beowulf
By the dragon’s mighty fire
Cyclone: the mirror showing
Time ending onshore
Immortal no more…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGES: Hurricane Dorian 2019 / Cyclone 1

cyclone1 sm px



*scroll down for a YouTube video*

Make sense, make sense of scariness by structure

Journalize the fear

So I mind-say Dear Diary:


We know each other

On the strength of our poetry

Generously offering me

A place to stay, words of comfort

On this horrible day

Invitations arrive from

Friends and family

In overwhelming kindness

Yet, I cannot see bringing

Three dogs with me


Hours before Irma comes ashore

Heading for the motel

Driving down deserted Main Street

Might be the coming of

The Zombie Apocalypse

But it is merely a Category 5 Hurricane


Settled in sanctuary

Dogs dreaming on strange beds

Tapping my tablet

Social media taking away

The dread of loneliness

People care, even if we never met

So as I sweat

In a hotel without electricity

I think about the positives

Of Facebook, WordPress and Twitter


Dogs need trees

To lift their legs

So in the dark we walk

Incessant rain jabs the skin

Like plucking a splinter

With a pin

And as the wind becomes wilder

A cold, preternatural sensation

Lifts my curly hair above the nape


Twenty-four hours after

Prime bands from Irma

Begin to dissipate

A half rainbow appears

Been too many years

Since I believed that

Rainbows are a sign of happiness

And love to come, staying forever

Whether we go over or under it

But I ask for health and strength anyway

Always wise

To compromise

Never burn your bridges

Believe until the end

For we never know


Trepidationally driving home

Wondering if a Live Oak fell

Onto my tin trailer roof

Or if a long-term power outage

Renders my water well pump fruitless

My air conditioner within silent reach

Streets blocked by fallen trees

Flooded with muddied water

No humans seen in this continuing cataclysm


Will all end in anarchy

Without electricity?

But oh, as I bump along my dirt road

Pull into the marshy drive

Delicate banana trees broken at the spine

I see a beautiful sight

On! On! The outside light!


So grateful because I know

Many people lost their lives

Lost their homes

Maybe even lost their faith

In the battering wind and rain

This time, I received a gift

Thank you, thank you, thank you…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Hurricane Irma, Naples, FL (


*YouTube video: Scorpions, Rock You Like A Hurricane




Hey, just got home and wanted to do a quick thank you.  Waited out the hurricane at a motel that lost power but had really thick walls.  We were quite lucky that Irma stayed on land; would have been worse if it tore along the Gulf.

What a beautiful sight to see all the Live Oaks standing (instead of crashing through  my roof).  They did shed a lot of branches but they’re ok. Best of all, the electricity was on! Priority was making coffee and turning on the air con  🙂

One small tree uprooted and took out the well pipe. No water at all, but I had filled the washer before leaving and there are about 10 gallons of drinking water from the R.O.U. (Reverse Osmosis Unit). Fortunately, my roomie is a hoarder, so he’s busily gluing and fixing a new pipe that will hopefully work.

Anyway, just want to thank you for your good thoughts, vibrations and prayers.  Certainly seemed to work for me. I know there are people not so lucky and even a few miles away, in Elfers, the Anclote River will crest today, going up 25 feet. Mandatory evacuation there, but many of us don’t really have anywhere to go. So good wishes to the Elfers residents.


You’ve all been busily writing and I promise to try and read everything, although I may not comment.


Sastimos! (good health, and of course, love and peace to us all)




Raining. Irma getting closer. So if you read my poems you know I live in a tin trailer that cannot withstand a hurricane.  There is only one shelter here that has room for 100 dogs.  Only 2 per family (I have 3) and no so-called “aggressive” types (Max is a Rottweiler mix and going blind but he wouldn’t be welcome). So I got the roomie to agree that we MUST get out of here.  I have a list of motels. Unfortunately, don’t really know when we can go. Neither of us can drive in rain or dark. But I also have a list of 24-hour Walmarts and we can sleep in the car in the lot and use their bathroom.  All this is to say, I may not answer you on FB or WP but I do have a smart phone and should be able to get online by cell tower.  Will try to post when I know something.  Wishing all my Florida friends and family strength and safety! Wishing all my family and friends the same…



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High on the wind

Stumbling a crooked trajectory

Feel drunken, drugged


Sitting through the Bike Fest set-up

Blown palm branches to be avoided

Heat, clouds

AC/DC’s TNT blasts

I shout along

Bopping my head

Food aroma

Crustacean sandwiches

Philly steaks

Funnel cakes

Coffee beans permeate

My eyes so sandman-heavy

With post-hurricane

Cauldrons of assaulting scents

Christina Rossetti asked

“Who has seen the wind

Neither I nor you”

But we have seen what the wind can do

Tired yet alive!

Undefeated champion of another storm…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: 2016 Hurricane Matthew

YouTube video, AC/DC TNT



**scroll down for a YouTube video**


What price happiness

When a hurricane claims dominance

Over small pleasures

But the things I love

Are now liabilities

Like huge Live Oak trees


Precursor to toppling

On a mortgage-free

Tin trailer

Sitting innocuously

By a swamp

Soon to flood


Shelter from a storm


With four dogs

I thought portability

Was a safe way to live

But no room at the inn

Or hurricane shelter

For dogs

The simple life comes

With great cost

No sense to rave

But through it all

I wonder which

Ukulele I should save…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

YouTube video, Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter

IMAGE: 2004 Hurricane Jeanne tree missing my trailer, just…


So my friends, once again I’ll be off-line.  The hurricane will be worse on the Atlantic side but because the winds are so powerful, the powers that be are evacuating trailer trash like me.  Thanks, as always for all your likes and comments.  Hope to be back soon.  Stay safe if you’re in the path!  Clarissa



Two weeks gone, still packed

Unpack already!



Might as well leave clothes

And stuff

In my backpack


Colorful luggage tags

I-D-ing me

In case I become a body

Floating around the swamp

Hurricane season ends

The thirtieth of November

Maybe I’ll unpack then


*Girl Scouts of America Motto (they prepped me a little too good)


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


hurricane erika

Hurricane coming

Puts life into perspective

What matters or not


Some days feel anger

Wah, wah, this baby feels sad

Feel this, says the wind


Huddle in tin home

Promising to be grateful

If it misses me


Nature’s reminder

Decide: chaos or order?

Embrace quiet breeze

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)