hurricane chaos 2004 Jeanne
Winds have a wondrous way

Of nudging us toward adventure

Warm wind stroking, teasing

Promising a life of ease and luxury

Cool wind puffing us up

Encouraging ambition

Whispering: This way, let me push you

Toward your destiny

Aggressive wind, mixed messages

Producing anger

Or even lust for

All of life’s offerings

Extracting life-giving moisture

Burning a face fever-red.


But escalating wind

Remains most menacing of all

Tornado wind

Hurricane wind

Strength through invisibility

Raising neck hairs making us

Preternaturally aware of danger

From an ancient, barely-used

Segment of our brain

Choose flight

Because fight is impossible!

Run from the wind

Run and do not stop

Run like a pack animal

Fearing aloneness

Moving through luckless landscapes

To escape chaos

And reunite with order.


Winds occasionally have a wickedness

We unfortunately witness…


© 2015 ViataMaja, Poezija

(Image: my back yard during Hurricane Jeanne 2004)