sand painting

Numerous “What you should do”

Advice posts on social media

It all seems so long ago

That I cared

Being old, well,

It is just living in the now

With the bit of fear

About approaching pain

Or an undignified end

Among strangers

Or the loss of my mind

Total, that is, because

Some of it is already gone

Like when I ask myself

Um, why did I come into this room?

What did I want to say?


How can it be Thursday already?

Yet there is the joy of

Being able to recall and sing

All those songs from my youth

That are thankfully still popular today

Rocking out gives as much pleasure

As it ever did

There is trying to diet and exercise

Because the reality is brutal

As it always was

But the wrinkles are reflected back

To my surprised eyes

And I say,

“Surely it is a misunderstanding

Between my brain, eyes and the

Mirror that is obviously a cheap version

Of a real one!”

We are all merely a Buddhist sand painting

A created, colorful mandala

Years in the making

Seconds in the melding

Of individual grains

With the earth, water, wind and fire

I understand the analogy

Just cannot accept it…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)