Coiled serpent

Sleekly sleeping

At the base of the spine


Who is prodding her

To rise, to move

Through chakras

Pulsing in a line


From security to emotion

Power to heart

Creativity, Intuition and wisdom

From darkness to sunshine


Climbing up, up

Unknown mystical journey

Leaving the comfort of home

Recalling a world of the divine


Serpent slowly slithering

Slightly resenting the human Shell

Suddenly craving enlightenment

Forcing her movement by design


The Shell did not practice yoga

Nor meditate at all

So why this bothersome quest

When the serpent was resigned


Lately the Shell is restless

Migraine-y yet alive

Perhaps they’ll now be one

And graciously combine


She sighs and tries to move

It is her job, after all

Uncurling, awakening, because

The Shell is willing to realign


Fight that gravity…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: kundalini aeonnetwork.net