Four directions

Places of spiritual power

Matching the elements

Representing strengthening towers


Those close to Nature

Traditionally mark

North as Earth

East as Air

South as Fire

West as water


Romani personalize

Cardinal directions

So to me

On the edge of the swamp

I think about my own life

And let it ripple out toward others


North as Fire

Direction of continental mountains

Metaphorically moving up

Element of Spirit


East as Earth

Growing across the peninsula

Over the dirt, farms, orchards

Element of Grounding


South as Air

Constellations clearly visible

Opening the Swamp trees curtain

Element of Communication


West as Water

Gulf of Mexico tidal pull

Sea and sand as one

Element of Emotions


Ceraunomancy requires familiarity

With symbolic directions

The interpretation of lightning

A natural phenomena

That recently became a

Source of terror


Yet I calmly walk outside

Avoiding the cloud-to-ground bolts

Asking it to dissipate

Sometimes it does

Sometimes it stays

On those days

I study the direction

Hoping for a connection

The message telling me

What I need to see

And perhaps fix:


Coming from the East?

Anchor yourself to the ground

Importance of roots


Coming from the West?

Then remain in harmony

Balance is the key


Coming from the South?

Celestial messages

The beauty of life


Coming from the North?

Reach to the highest power

No matter beliefs


Nature presents choices

Chanting her musical voices

Pointing the way, if we would only see…



© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  Compass Rose Cantino, Wikimedia Commons




Thunder is the voice

That tells us

What Lightning can do

Thunder markets the splendor

Of Lightning

Glossing over the

Assassination qualities

Of sizzling electricity

Disguising it with its own

Claps and rumbles

Acoustical wowing

While Lightning stealthily

Seeks victims

Sheltering under trees

Or sitting too near

Open windows

We gape at the razzle-dazzle

Light show

And quake at the thunderous noise

Missing the real danger

Almost reminiscent of a

Gaggle? Herd? Murder?

Of Presidential candidates…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Frank Delargy (Town N’ Country, Florida)



Nothing like riding a storm

To a flooded-out fish festival

Driving back out

Heat-seeking lightning bolts

Aiming for my car on US 19

Craving shelter, and food,

At Hudson Beach

Running for a rest room

As wind whips the umbrella

Out of my cold, wet hand

Only to find out it’s too early

For lunch on the beach

Waiting as time barely ticks

Gazing at the high tide

Crashing against the Gulf-wall

My hair caught between shivering lips

Needing to be heated up

But that not happening

So back home

Wet and spotted with mud

Nothing like a huge plate of

Foreign cholesterol

Shoveled quickly



Nothing like it all

To finally knock me out

From a sleepless night

As I lie wrapped in several sleeping bags

Dogs gathered around

Living their dreams

As we all dance through

Our own surrealistic adventures

While deep breathing through

A much-needed nap


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Seawall, no identification





See lightning flash

Count until the

Crack of thunder

Is heard

Divide by five

That is how to calculate

How many miles I stand

From where lightning struck

How many miles, but also

What made me select you

When there are different types:

Sheet, cloud-to-ground

Ground-to-cloud, Intracloud


I wonder while

Waiting for the strike

Dreading the pain

How much will it hurt?

Is it better to hide


Than take the chance

Of sky-soaring


Sizzling among the flashes

Elated by the sight

Excited by the might

Emotional, death-defying


Chancing electrocution of the heart?

Or is it better to bury it

Under the floorboards

Stay inside

Avoid the lightning

At all cost?

Either equates to the end…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)