orange juice vending

One magical night

To my delight

Appearing at the mall

A mysterious machine

Orange and green

Sentinel next to a stall

Like Dawn of the Dead

Zombies shambled ahead

Never noticing what we saw

Oranges propped

Put in a dollar, one dropped

And a knife peeled it raw

Out popped a cup

As the squeezer sped up

And juice then cascaded

A pulpy, fresh drink

I didn’t dare blink

What an invention was created!

People began to stare

As they became aware

Of this odd machine of health

My man and I

Did smile and sigh

As we shared new-found wealth

We returned next week

But the future was bleak

The machine was replaced with junk

Bottled, boiled juice

Nutrition’s abuse

My happiness quickly sunk

Through the years I think

About that magical drink

The sweetness that was life

Never will it return

Although I yearn

For that night when passion ran rife…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)