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Hi Friends,

Here’s a link to my newest book on Amazon

(Chakra Madness & Other Colors)

You’ve probably read all the poetry here on WordPress but wanted you to know that the Kindle edition is available now and the paperback will probably be along in about two weeks.  Thanks!


TWO DELIGHTS IN ONE DAY! Florida State Poets Association anthology is now on Amazon. My poem QUANTUM JAUNT ELSEWHERE is included. They also selected one of my photos for the back cover. If you look at them you’ll have no trouble knowing which one is mine (since I post that photo every few months ) The other anthology is Women’s Anthology: Carrying Fire, now in paper (I had announced that last month when the kindle edition was published). This book is to benefit the Endometriosis Foundation. I have two poems included: ALLMAN BROTHERS OBVERSE and KHELEL: WHY GYPSY WOMEN DANCE ALONE. There are many poems and short stories you will enjoy in both books. Amazon links below…/…/ref=sr_1_1… is for Florida State Poets and…/…/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1… is for the Women’s Anthology: Carrying Fire


After 10 drafts and the invention of incredible swear words aimed at Windows 10, HP Laptops, and Microsoft Word (that I paid for but still had intrusive ads to  dodge)  I uploaded my 10th poetry book. If you follow me, you have probably read all the poems for free on FB, GR, TW and WP but in case you are interested, here is the link for the Kindle edition. The paperback will need a lot of formatting and that will probably entail another 10 drafts



Hey all, after much suffering   the paperback version of my Plastic Lawn Flamingos and Other Poems is now available on Amazon for $5. The kindle version is nice, with lots of color illustrations, but this one has B&W ones. Still, to me, this is like my diary of a particular time. You’ve probably read all my poems anyway on FB and WP.  The link is below.

For those of you  who self-publish on Amazon, I used their new Beta program that is part of Kindle, rather than Create Space.  The interior was much easier to do, but I really dislike my cover.  Unfortunately, my phone did not take pictures higher than 1440 resolution and Kindle wants 300 dpi. Mine was much lower so I was limited in what I could use as a cover image. Also, I couldn’t understand a graphics program even if I was teetering on the top of the Rocky Mountains.  I’m sure, if you are PhotoShop-savvy, you could figure it out 😀


Just published a Kindle version of my newest poetry book.  They are all the poems I’ve posted on FB and WordPress since July 2016.  Will do a paperback on Create Space soon.

For those of you who publish on Kindle, it has changed for the better.  I was actually able to do the cover in less than 5 minutes after uploading my own photo.  Free.  They also have a new program where the Kindle can be used as the paperback (instead of using Create Space) but it is still in the Beta stage and I’m not sure if I want to use it at this time since it seemed like Bowker was the only place to get an ISBN.

Anyway, although I fixed some run-on problems (one poem running into another on some of the pages), it seems I can’t get it straightened out.  I think there are minor glitches on Kindle but hey, it’s free to publish, and I’m so grateful to Amazon for this opportunity!

Gotta get away from my computer today…




Here’s a link to the Kindle edition of my new poetry book. They are all my poems in the last year that I have posted on FB & WordPress. The paperback edition will be ready in about a week. Check out the incredible cover that my friend Karen Stephanie Bruton did for this book. She does all my covers and her talent (and patience with my hysteria that comes every time I publish) has become legendary!

Been off of WordPress for a few days but hope to be back and read all your great blogs and poetry 🙂