new year



Linear calendar

Creates nice little squares

Of days and years

This follows that

Circularity makes more sense

Yet even astrology

Has Aries as the first sign

So the days and years

Seem to differently appear

But they might as well be

Lined up in nice little squares too

What can we do

To avoid the inexorable tolling

Of time

Yearly seasons keep count

As we move around the sun

The moon phases rigidly

Orbit the Earth

Drum beats of time

Calculated in sidereal months

Would there be true chaos

If we banned time?

How would we know

The time to go

To school, work, or that all-encompassing word:


We are too wired to wait

For doctors, hair dressers, massage therapists

Without an appointment

Time is wasted

I don’t like time

Just another way

To legislate lives

I want us to live laid back

I want night people to work in the night

Dawn people to do their thing

Before birds are on the wing

Poets to write celestially in the dark

I don’t like time

But the calendar says

I must wish you all

Happy New Year

But I swear

And resolve

No more calendars for me

Anyone agree?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)





Nothing left to resolve

Gave up my best friend nicotine years ago

Still miss it so found a new beau

Cookie dough! But then gave up sugar

And its leading lady chocolate

That was difficult but do-able

Working out daily to good music helps

I’m now addicted, so don’t have to resolve

To exercise

Don’t drink or drug because don’t

Like looking stupid or being embarrassed

And I know I can be so addicted that

I’d overdo so I don’t

Gave up road rage with old age

I’m retired now, no need to drive anywhere

So here it is New Year’s day

With nothing to give up

No resolutions to make

Is that sad, or what?

Maybe I should resolve to add something

That I can give up next year

Any ideas?


© 2015 ViataMaja, Poezija