I threw a party
No one came
Do not pity me
Alone, I watched the dolphins
Playfully following the tides
Out to sea

About to light the candles
On the birthday cake
For me and Gulf birds
Suddenly thought why
Would we blow out light
Was it fright that stole our words

Why blow out passion
Don’t let the fire blaze
Why blow out life
When we’re celebrating it
But symbols translate chaos
So I ignored the cake knife

Great Gran once said
Blowing out candles is good
The smoke carries prayers
Along with birthday wishes
To the heavens where listens
Our happiness angel who cares

But then I read that the Germans
In the eighteenth century
Celebrated birthday kinderfests
Candles symbolizing
The light of life
Yes, snuffing out life is what it suggests

So earthly life encourages
No passion, no joy, and often
No friends who wish us well
“Blow it out! Blow it out!”
They happily shout
“Be like us!” (Friendships can be hell)

(C) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image: Birthday gear



Sun’s zenith

Slow cooker

Tamed the hard shells

Of red beans

Softening for civilization

Introducing them to

Bright red cayennes

Shiny green jalapenos

And solar-grown corn

Birthed in a sandy corner

Of a yard blanketed with

Black cow manure

Tall, proud grain

Evading the larva

Of the stink-bug

Stretching in the rain

Tempering the passions

Of fiery vegetables

Along with Nightshade tomatoes

Kin to the Deadly herb

Meat? What’s chili without

Bobbing bits of the

Greasy treat?

Soy protein extender

Serves the purpose

Buried in the heat

Of the peppers

But the sun smiles sadly

Because the heart

Can no longer tolerate

The central core

Of the divine

Now there is substitution

Any more,

It’s an aging solution…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My luscious cayennes