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Lying in bed

Dark night

Can’t arise

Only me

Nothing but human gravity

Preventing the bed

From flinging across

Time and space


Reaching for my notebook

And fine line gel pen

Ink leaking

Shaping words

Across the page

Once again

Trying to rise

Defying gravity

Resisting the flight

Into freedom

Forming the song

Not moving along

Settling on the lines

Of the somewhat sodden paper


Words disconnected

From my mind

Snaking across wrinkled pages

Resembling a poem

Seeking its soul mate


And me


A human anchor…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: The Writers College Times



Work in progress for Blues unloved-song*


Bb7/ Shovel up the corpses

G9/ Of our forever lost love

Bb7/ Scatter tear-stained bones

G9/ For murders of crows

Bb7/ Picking treasure that’s Dm/ my end


Dig deep in the Earth

Where’s that underground spring

Bubbling, soothing dusty souls

Another promise killed in the drought

Of what passes for love


The stars, merely a phantasm

All dead many light years ago

Tarot Swords say, stay away

But only until the resolution

Surfaces clear as 20-20 vision


Lying in dying winter sun

Swamp beyond the fence

Full of bird activity

Perching Florida Black vultures

So wish they’re here for me…


© 2017 lyrics & chords Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: FL Black Vulture over my swamp

*Need to learn a few more Blues chords before finishing…



(fragment, need chorus)


Dm/Wanna crawl inside your Gm6/body

Dm/Crawl inside your A7/mind

F/Bask inside your Gm6/emotions

Bb7/Your sacred A7/spirit to Dm/find


Dm/Oh for our dark eyes to Gm6/meet

Dm/Oh to taste and finally A7/feel

F/life berry-pie Gm6/sweet

Bb7/Baby let’s A7/make it Dm/real


Dm/What are the magic words Gm6/I need

Dm/To make you part of A7/me

F/Just want you real and Gm6/solid

Bb7/Not some A7hell-sent Dm/fantasy


© 2017 Lyrics and chords Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My tenor ukulele with red berries

If you decide to try playing this, please note that I use alternate chords for the following: 

Bb7 is really Db diminished or Bb diminished

F9 is really Eb6 (bar on 3rd)

G9 couldn’t find on internet chord charts

(used 1st fret string E and 2nd fret string C)


Originally a poem, then I chorded it, but not satisfied with the music.  Now that I’m teaching myself Blues Ukulele, thought it would be fun to use Blues chords!


UKULELE LYRICS #353 (POOLS) with experimental chords


C/Forcing me to look into your F/eyes

F/Knew something not quite C/right

C/Swimming in your ominous F/pools

F/Feeling the pulse of a C/song

A/You, you said you C/love me

A/In love, you C/said

F/Whispered in a star-tossed C/bed

F/Me, refusing to give away C/power

Dm/Yet so worn down from your demand:


*Fm7/(“Do you, do you love me C/true  ???”)


Dm/The truth always shines through  C/I do

C/What a night, me and Dm/you

F/Swimming in dark pools of

C/Unbearable delight

F/Only to drown in reluctant C/dawn

A/You took your pools

A/I felt a C/fool

C/Gone, gone your hypnotic F/eyes

C/Leaving me floundering

C/In your F/lies


*Fm7/No one to hear my wounded C/cries


A/Now in pools, dead as F/jet mourning C/jewels

C/Barricading the last image

F/Shape-shifting into  C/a ghost

F/Pools deep as the A/sloping sands

A/Of a continental C/shelf

C/Pools hiding hazards F/unknown

F/To a naïve but desperate C/soul

C/Who took the chance of diving F/into

F/ frigid waters of possibili  C/ty

A/Despite swirling in blood-red



*Fm7/I want to die from the lie

Fm7/Knowing, now, that I’d been

Fm7/so wrong about Dm/you…


*supposedly alternate chord for Fmaj7 ukulele 5500 (G-5, C-5, E-0, A-0)

(c) 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) (poem and ukulele chords)




I’ve been homeless

And I’ve been hungry

Often thought, “If only”

Mostly, I’ve been so lonely

Useless as Lantana


Although for many years lived on nuts and fruit

Would never refuse meat hunted for food

My life spattered with many regrets

Loneliness the result of relationship upsets


Dream house never a reality

Drove broken-down cars or rode subways

Clothing from thrift stores helped get jobs

Been so alone, my music merely unending sobs


Where is my home I often wonder

Spent too many years searching for love

Lonely, unwilling iconoclast

An abandoned, forsaken, outcast


If you think, though, I’m depressed

I’ll tell you my secret through the years

A self-reflective sense of humor

Has saved me from being a gloom-and-doomer


I’ve been homeless

And I’ve been hungry

Often thought, “If only”

Mostly, I’ve been so lonely

Useless as Lantana…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


F/Wanna crawl C/inside your Dm/body

Am/Crawl in  C/side your D/mind

F/Bask in C/side your Dm/emotions

Am/Your sacred C/spirit to D/find


CHORUS (in couplets)


C/Oh for our F/dark eyes to D/meet

C/life F/berry-pie D/sweet

C/Oh to taste F/and finally D/feel

D/Baby let’s F/make it C/real


F/What are the C/magic words Dm/I need

Am/To make you C/part of D/me

F/Just want you C/real and Dm/solid

Am/Not some C/hell-sent D/fantasy



 (c) 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Walmart in the morning, damp & rain in the afternoon, exaggerated dreams of composing but still, it’s a nice way to end the day! 



C/Never been in love or D/loved

D/Struggled to stay C/afloat

C/Can any man be so D/perfect

D/As a series of musical G/notes?


F/Something primal G/making it sing

G/Slapping bongos or F/tambourines

F/Skin aglow D/feeling the sting


C/Fantasy in D/chords of blue

D/How will I ever Am/find you


C/Flavor of a D/good man

D/Like eating chocolate C/Ice cream

C/As taste buds revived D/deliciously

D/In a piquant G/dream


F/Something primal G/making it sing

G/Blowing horns hot as a F/thermal spring

F/Pumping blood rides D/an upward swing


C/Fantasy of D/honeyed kiss

D/Craving a present  Am/life of bliss


C/Longing for a D/reality

D/Consigning all the C/nightmares

C/Back to the D/dreaded past

D/Of implacable ghosts of G/despair


F/Something primal G/making it sing

G/Fast picking of guitar’s F/heart strings

F/Spiraling out on strong D/beating wings


C/Fantasy of love D/in the now

D/Intending to live the Am/myth somehow


(one of my poems chorded for ukulele/free image)


© 2016, 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) words and chords appearing in Self-ie Reflections: A Blogetry Collection

FIVE PLANETS AND A FULL HUNGER MOON (Poem & chords for Ukulele)


Have I held myself hostage to something I wrote and after playing it on the ukulele and singing it day after day after day does it really sound good or is it musical Stockholm Syndrome?


(Am)Five planets and a full Hunger (C)Moon

(C)Merely a meaningless magical (Am)rune


(G)Dangling above my sorrowful (C)head

(C)Making me wish I was (G)dead


(G)Dawn breaks in a Bluesy (C)sky

(C)Here I am, trying not to (G)cry


(F)Same as a willow (C)rooted below

(C)Heart cold and lost like an icy (F)floe


(G)Unlike the Moon, I do not hunger for (C)food

(C)Need a way out of my (G)solitude


(G)How might I cope with your (C)desertion?

(C)Why would I want to continue your (G)coercion?


(Am)Five planets and a full Hunger (C)Moon

(C)Merely a meaningless magical (Am)rune


(G)Retrograde planets add to your harsh (C)words

(C)Mercury and Jupiter whirling (G)backwards


(G)Venus, Saturn and also (C)Mars

(C)Add strife to the male-female (G)spars


(F)Love has become something (C)ephemeral

(C)Creating an atmosphere stifling and (F)sterile


(G)Like a nocturnal mammal I scurry (C)around

(C)Shivering on the muddy (G)ground


(G)Not sure what to do (C)anymore

(C)Bright Antares and Spica I (G)ignore


(Am)Five planets and a Full Hunger (C)Moon

(C)Merely a meaningless magical (Am)rune

(Am)Merely a meaningless magical (C) rune


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) lyrics and chords: Miniature Worlds Sublime


Last year we had 5 planets aligned with the February full Hunger Moon. This year the 5 will appear at different times but there will be a Penumbral lunar eclipse.  Look for Venus and Mars to be visible, Jupiter visible before midnight, Saturn and Mercury visible before dawn on Feb 10, 2017 7:33 pm



Troubled by dreams that never appear

Over the decades can count on ten fingers

Plus a toe or two

The amount I remember

Why do I sleep delta

Instead of theta

Must turn to music

For answers

But confusing because

Lyrics don’t always differentiate

Between dreams awake

Or dreams asleep

Everly Brothers sing

Whenever I want you

All I have to do

Is dream….dream, dream, dream

Tom Petty is running down a dream

(great riff, great song)

The Monkees ask what can it mean

To a daydream believer and a homecoming queen

Even Billy Ocean sings

Get outta my dreams

Get into my car

(The backseat—honestly unromantic!)

But not many sing about a dream

About being actually asleep

About living a life of puzzle

With strangers who seem real

With cliffs shaking us off so we fall

With monsters chasing us through dark halls

With lovers whose names we call

With familiar family, friends, dogs and cats

Talking birds and stampeding cattle

Are remembered dreams too personal

A taboo translation into lyrics

Or is that the font of great art

What’s with dreams…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Dreams (Pinterest, no attribution)