I am the egocentric sun

With a personal solar system

Swirling around me

Bumping into stars and moons

Orbiting around each planet

Like Earth’s solar star

Yet not as steady

Blinking in and out

Depending on mood

Illuminating my miniature worlds:

Words, Music, Dogs

Love, Loss, Mythology

Loneliness and Elation

But Like Pluto

Will one of these worlds be

Bogus, merely an asteroid

Waiting to slam into another

Whirling body

Disintegrating endlessly

Will other planets emerge

Becoming visible through

Powerful telescopic eyes

Matching my movement of Time

In the guise of Equatorial thoughts

Creating more worlds and

Destroying others…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)



So many astrological theories

About Mercury’s trek

Across the Sun

But this lovely photo

From India

Captures the true importance

The secret of life:


Represented by 450 x 630 pixels

The elements of life

Present themselves

In the form of Earth

As a tree tip


As morning dew

Or evening mist

Air caressing a

Wind farm

And sun

Life source

Posing in all its glory

As Mercury

Usually in a hurry

Does not scurry

But moves majestically

Across the backdrop of Fire

Four elements


The secret of life


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Atish Aman and Abhinav Singhai, Mercury Transiting the Sun



(March 19 / Scroll down for Vivaldi’s La Primavera on YouTube)


In subtropical states

Weather situations

Sometimes reverse

So Spring is deliriously welcomed

Above the Mason-Dixon Line

But to me in swampy Florida

It is the precursor

To hot and stormy weather

And a 6-month unbearable Summer

Dreaded is the yearly move

Into the first sign of the zodiac

Even though an April baby,

I’m an Autumn and Winter lover

If only the sun would agree

To be eclipsed daily

Between the hours of 12 and 4 post meridiem…


Granted, Tavasi Suvo

Does have its high points

A time when all the great

Mother Goddesses are celebrated

From Astarte to the Virgin Mary

Rebirth is the theme for cuisine

Eggs, the promise of more creatures

Encouraging animal husbandry

Seeds, the potential for more plants

Including magical herb gardens

For healing the body and soul

Space reflects the New Moon

And vibrant Northern Lights

Families come together

In houses of the holy

Or around the dining table

Ancient rituals enacted

Although the true meanings

Are often wrapped in

Vaporous forgotten lore


No matter one’s feelings

It is a constant on our planet

The day and night of equal length

The sense that something

Of beauty or joy

Is waiting for us aching humans

To finally stumble upon the arcana,

To solve the mystery

Of life, as it is meant to be:

A world of love and peace…


© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja) Parallel Universe Café and Other Poems

YouTube: La Primavera (Spring), Vivaldi


IMAGE: goddess&





Like a naïve little girl

Who doesn’t seem to know

The sun can be blinding

Whether in grass or in snow


Playing ukulele outside

Cold day, but sun on my back

Reflecting off the glaring white paper

Propped on the sheet music rack


After practice, stumbled back indoors

Oh, what a surprise

Like Hendrix’s purple haze

Saw only green through my eyes


Green, green

The Earth calls to me

Saying Florida’s sun

Mustn’t be taken lightly


When will I ever learn…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My back yard glare




The sun is not mysterious enough

To rate writing about

Moon mystique is endlessly


Appearing in the darkness

Drawing our blood, tides

And ruling our emotions

Contrast the sun

A necessity for all life

Dosing us with Vitamin D

Nothing enigmatic though

Just there

Even if it seems invisible

Like during polar winters

Of utter darkness

Or on stormy sub-tropical noons

Even on cloudy beaches

Evidenced by the wind-blown skin damage

It is there on twilight evenings

As night-bloomers like Evening Primrose

Open and stretch

Toward its sleepy rays

Dark or light

Dim or bright

The sun is always there

No, nothing mysterious about it

Just a burning ball having

Occasional tantrums

As the spots explode

We understand its punishment

On desert roads

Our bodies mercilessly drying

There are so many moon songs

But not many sun ones

So what’s to write about?

Yet, my favorite time of day is dawn

When the sun sails above the Earth

Breaking through the horizon’s rim

My heart thuds loudly because another day

Another chance for a good day

Is once again hovering in the dawn

Let it be today, I think longingly

Let it be today…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)