200 px soprano w the stars 1 life wip

Forgetting the stars

Were already dead

Sang high SOPRANO

With thoughts of love

In my head

A joyful plunking

Of strings and voice

Youthful optimism

Wandering through

A bazaar of choice


200 px Luna Peace concert ukulele 2 wip life

Moved into a CONCERT

Of love and peace

Strengthening the range

Born of adulthood

Chains of dependency released

A perfect fit

In hand and song

An oasis of music

Happily growing

Sure to be content lifelong


200 px tenor wip life

The next stage

Vocalizing change

TENOR’s timbre

Reflecting experience

The Body estranged

Like winter’s last berries

Burning hot and red

Aging reflected

In deepening tones

Presaging thoughts of the dead


200 px baritone2 sm px

Ball and Chain

Channeling Joplin’s pain

As BARITONE chords

Mature like the guitar

Voice a burnished stain

Facing the box

Body juxtaposed

End of the line

Growling in anger

Gradation of life decomposed…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGES: My 4 ukuleles


(Been playing the tenor ukulele for so long that it is always a pleasant surprise to play the soprano and hear the difference in sound and feel the difference in mood.  Especially nice when snacking on Star Fruit and warming up with Star Anise in hot tea on a cold Florida day)


Soprano-sized uke

Voice soars above island skies

Singing with the stars


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My soprano ukulele, star fruit and star anise



*scroll down for a BeauSoleil youtube video*

Last night I wandered into
A YouTube video
Or so I believed
Hometown visit from
The quiet of my Florida swamp
To the screeching insanity
Of the city I love
Straddling the past littered with ghosts
And an unknown future
Metaphored by vultures
Surfing the air currents
So the evening in World Cafe
Was already a bit unreal
Learned that videos are
A poor substitute for reality
Learned that the moon
Isn’t the only celestial magic wand
Learned that the sun not only
Bestows life to listeners
But also radiates its own
Via voice, violin, guitar, percussion
Live music
Palpable magic spell
Weaving words and melody so well
BeauSoleil creating its own place
Shining between time and space
As I willingly drifted
In their musical embrace…

(c) 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
Image: BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet


(scroll down for music)

Who cares what they’re saying

Listen to the voice

Make up your own words

To fit emotion’s choice


Who cares what they’re saying

Listen to the beat

Let your body talk

Freedom is so sweet


Who cares what they’re saying

Listen to the strings,

Percussion, keys and woodwinds

Love the joy that sound brings


Who cares what they’re saying

It’s music from a band

An easily understood language

When we cross that borderland…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/xiDRPUurDsY